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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bloodthirsty Winners + Poll Results!

First off, congrats to these three lucky winners*!

Tara Hall

I've forwarded your mailing address to Little, Brown and Company. Below are the results to the impromptu poll where I asked entrants who will win in a vampire fight: Bill, Stefan, or Edward. The majority, as you can see, says that Bill will kick the most butt! Others said that if Damon were an option, he would win. One entry just plain out said that Jacob would win.

Some of the best answers that either made me LOL or was insightful in some ways:
Angelique: Stefan. Cause I believe in the power of hotness =)
Virginia: Edward. His hair is a deadly secret weapon. 
Mrs.DeRaps: Bill. I'm more scared of him than the other two. He just has this violent I-don't-give-a-damn look about him, whereas the other two are kinda pretty and wuss-y.
Monica: I do believe Edward would - because despite his broody emoness, his power allows him to know every step his attacker is thinking to act on.
Justine: Umm probably Bill since Stefan doesn't drink human blood but I wish you would have included Damon cause all my money is on him :D :D :D

(also left a comment with a statement that made me giggle) However, Damon Salvatore would kick everyone's butt, Stefan doesn't even drink human blood so he can't compete...And Edward, good grief he's too busy sparkling :( BTW the best 'real' vampire out there is Jack White, geesh!

*two of the three winners were drawn via random.org. The last winner was hand-picked for some of the best answers and then one of the answers was randomly chosen as a winning entry.

P.S. BrittLit, please email me your mailing address to claim DANGEROUS NEIGHBORS before you forfeit the prize!

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