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Friday, October 1, 2010


not the clearest of images, sorry
Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Source: ARC from Litte Brown (Hip Scouts)

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
It's not hard to admit that vampires are the "hot" new things right not. Girls, mothers, even some men are hooting for Team Edward, Team Eric, or Team Damon, but what about Team Finbar? Finbar plans to use his allergic reaction to the sun, his brooding manner, and his lanky built to its advantage. By pretending to a vampire to get the girl.

Flynn Meaney has created a pop cultural novel that will leave both boys and girls laughing out loud.
I knew immediately from the synopsis that I had to get my hands on a copy of this book, either now or later, but preferably now. For one thing, the synopsis demonstrated a sense of originality by instead of writing about someone who is a vampire, write about someone who is pretending to be a vampire. Hello! Genius, I say! The other reason why I wanted to get my hands on a copy of Bloodthirsty was for my brother. He is someone who constantly asks if I have anything good to read and thinks a teen novel about vampires is trash. Of course, he was the one to read the book first. So below is 2-for-1 packaged review.

His response: It was funny in the beginning, but then it got boring and cliche towards the end. The book promoted getting a girl by being a vampire, which does not really happen [though I will disagree]. 3 stars.

A man of few words it seems; those few sentences took me an hour to drag out of him.

My response: Bloodthirsty delves into the mind of a hormonal teenage boy who happens to have a twin brother named Luke. His twin brother also happens to excel as sports thus a chick magnet. Finn is sensitive and smart, but pathetic in that first glimpse. He evokes a sense of pity from me. Finn's narration makes me want to cuddle him yet keep a foot of space between us; teenage boy=pervert. Bloodthirsty was pitch-prefect novel with a narration that is realistic and somehow endearing. (In my brother's words I asked if the narration was realistic: "It was okay". Trust me, I think that was the biggest reaction I could get from me and I believe, but I believe that is a "yes" to the question.)

The book was indeed hilarious: "When I didn't leave the house for three days after the football game, my mother worried that I was antisocial. My mother has suspected me of antisocial behavior since last year when I didn't cry during The Notebook. After much prodding, I managed one tear. I didn't tell her that the tear came from the fact that I was home on a Friday night watching a Nicolas Sparks adaption with my mother" (52, ARC). This is a novel that I can reread and still find funny. Bloodthirsty makes time fly when reading.

Bloodthirsty branches out into family relationships, which after piles and piles of teen novels that hardly mention a family, is exhilarating and refreshing. I love the mother's obsessive cleaning habits, Luke's constant movement, and their father's, well, fatherliness.      

The ending was cliche, I will admit, but I could not imagine it in any other way.

However I do wonder how well Bloodthirsty will do in the next decade, when and if the vampire craze will end. Bloodthirsty is heavy on pop culture references and I doubt that True Blood will be a classic so where does that leave it?

Bloodthirsty is a chortling good read of a coming-of-age-story by debut author Flynn Meaney.

Aus. cover
You can preorder your copy of Bloodthirsty today: Amazon / Indie Bound / Book Depository


  1. This books looks funny!!! I want it

  2. Not only does the book sound funny the cover is hilarious!

  3. Oh, awesome that this one is good!! A good funny book is always nice. :) And the cover is adorable.

  4. I can't wait to read this one. It sounds so funny. And the cover is so cute. Great review!