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Friday, October 1, 2010

Interview with Flynn Meaney + Giveaway

I am so excited to bring you a Q&A with author of Bloodthirsty, Flynn Meaney! My review can be found below (scroll down on blog) and you can tell that I love the book so much. It is a gut-bursting hilarious read!

Have you read any parodies of Twilight and if so, which is your favorite?
  • I don’t know that I’ve read parodies of Twilight, but I have read other vampire books. The Sookie Stackhouse books are pretty amusing for beach reading—they take their vampire-human relationships a little less seriously than Twilight does, although there’s the obligatory bloodshed and sexual tension.
Have you personally ever pretended to be someone or something to get a date?
  • My friends and I definitely schemed to attract guys in high school. We would push each other down the stairs at Applebee’s so the cute bus boy would ask us, “Are you okay?” And we would pretend to be lost at track meets, wander around the hallways of other schools until we found someone attractive to ask for directions. So I guess rather than changing my persona, I just added a dose of damsel-in-distress. Finbar pretends to be dangerous—I pretended to be in danger.
If you happen to just develop an allergic reaction to the sun, what do you plan to do to pass the time?
  • Oh, man! I love the beach, so I’d really be bummed. But I’d probably tunnel out an underground passageway between my house and the library, so I could pick up all the vampire books and Mad Men DVDs I put on hold.
Since pale is the new tan, do you foreshadow men using foundation? Should I stock up while prices are low?
  • Well, I went to Notre Dame, where very few men needed foundation to be pale. And they didn’t look too trendy to me. I predict that the Jersey Shore and vampire crazes will cancel each other out, and you should embrace a natural skin tone somewhere in the middle.
Cape or no cape for a vampire?
  • Everyone’s been getting too casual lately. Vampires, class it up! Take off those sweatpants and put on a cape! After all, it worked for our generation’s first vampire crush, the Count from Sesame Street. He was way ahead on this trend.
If Edward, Stefan, Bill and Finbar got into a fight (both fist and powers allowed), who do you think will win? Who would like to win?
  • Edward just seems too emo. I know he can read minds, but even that is kind of an emo superpower. Stefan looks like a pretty boy. When he’s fighting to defend Sookie, Bill is pretty ferocious. I think he would win. As much as I love Finbar, I’m not putting any money on him. I hope he at least gets a black eye and a badass story out of it.
What A-list celeb, in your eyes. is most vampire-like? You know the whole no-soul, blood-sucking vibe kind of personality.
  • Maybe Johnny Depp? He’s always wearing some glasses and a hat, like he’s in disguise. And he doesn’t talk to anyone. He’s definitely got something to hide. Although I don’t see him as soulless. A man without a soul would not have appeared in the movie Chocolat.
And the ultimate question: would you rather be a werewolf, vampire, zombie, killer unicorn, or evil fairy?
  • Being a werewolf would require too much waxing. Zombies don’t seem too intellectual, and a good conversation is very important to me. Killer unicorns and evil fairies are bad by definition. Of course vampires are bad, too, but they have style. I’ll make Finbar jealous and become a legit vampire.

You can find my review of Bloodthirsty here.


  1. Turning vampire for me too, assuming that it immortalizes a polished enhanced version of your physically best self.

  2. I don't know, I think turning zombie would be the way to go. You'd no longer have the burden of having to think & maybe if I'm lucky I'd get to feast on the brains of some of the people who I never really liked from the get go. c ;

  3. Great interview, bloodthirsty sounds awesome(:

  4. Awesome interview...But I think evil fairy is the way to go.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this interview.

    Oh, and Buffy would beat all those vampires in a fight. At the same time.


  6. Great questions and interview!

    I like Buffy taking on the vamps :)


  7. Not entering I just wanted to say that I really loved this interview! XD

  8. Fun to read interview. Thanks.

  9. Whoa! This was a very entertaining interview. Evil fairy? Of course I want to be an evil fairy. :) This book sounds really comical, so definately for me.

  10. Johnny Depp as a vampire, that's great...lol

  11. Johnny Depp as a vampire... you're just getting me more excited for Dark Shadows.

  12. I recommend Revlon Colorstay :P

  13. Mary D

    Terrific Interview!! :)

    For some reason, I could see Madonna as a vampire lol

    I'd go with the vampire thing, too - unless I had to *sparkle*

  14. I love Chocolat comment; Johnny Depp does have their mysterious air and a certain sense of debonair style... hmm...

  15. Great interview. I could kind of see Johnny Depp as a vampire. He is definitley hot enough. =]

  16. Loved the interview, I love vampires in books shows and movies. I would so definitely love to be turned into a vampire. That would be very cool...especially if I got to have a tall, dark and fangy mate too. :)

  17. Vampire
    George Ferris

  18. Great interview, I love vampires! However, Damon Salvatore would kick everyone's butt, Stefan doesn't even drink human blood so he can't compete...And Edward, good grief he's too busy sparkling :( BTW the best 'real' vampire out there is Jack White, geesh!