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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Her and Me and You

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Alex moves to a new town with her mother when her father gets a new girlfriend. Her family life isn’t so great now, but at least she still has her best friend. But she’s slowly leaving Alex behind when she gets a boyfriend. At the town and her new school, Alex befriends Fred. Fred has a twin sister, Adina, who is an enigmatic as Fred. Alex isn’t sure what to make of this pair of siblings who keep to themselves.

One thing is for sure though: two’s a company and three’s a crowd. Alex is slowly feeling like the permanent third wheel.
Her and Me and You is a fast-paced novel because of its stylistic of narration. It is told in first person and short, clipped sentences. Despite this face-level of an easy-breezy read, Her and Me and You is so much more.

Fred’s and Adina’s past is a haunting one and the reader constantly wonders the psychological effects that it dealt to these young children. It lingers on the mind throughout the book especially when Adina does odd thing or anything. Adina in particularly is one slippery character: she has her quirts and her niceties. One thing frustrating about the first person narrative is the lack of knowledge on the other characters.

Adina is so very fascinating. She is part anorexia and part bipolar and all insane. But the reader does not if this is true. All we know is what Alex perceives. Adina could be in fact a sane girl who is manipulative and conniving and staged everything to keep Fred. I want to read more of Adina.

Alex’s close friend from her old town (God help me, I can’t recall her name) is one that many readers have probably read elsewhere. The girl who has had history with the main character, but changes and develops over time into someone who is different than the childhood friend. And not for the better. She (oh gosh, what’s her name!) is not as memorable as Adina (as you can tell by the lack of name) but she does play an important role by connecting Alex to her past.

Alex’s old town where her father and current girlfriend still lives is just another form of her life constantly changing. Here, her father, is a man of the past that will forever be a part of her. There, her soon to-be stepmother, is a woman of the future that will become part of her. These two characters are no more snobby than you or I. They are concerned on what Alex thinks, what Alex feels, and tries to open their home as still her old home. And for that I cannot hate them. Instead I believe that it portrays society perfectly.

As you can tell, Her and Me and You is such a short novel (around 200 pages) but it packs so much between the lines. Her and Me and You is a haunting novel that will stick to the reader. But there were so many lingering questions that I feel leaves Her and Me and You hollow.

Cover B+
Source: ARC from Simon and Schuster
Published: October 5, 2010; hardcover


  1. Now all is clear, many thanks for the information.

  2. I can't wait to read this! Great review.

  3. very good and cool,thank you for your sharing.

  4. Awesome review! I loved this book, it was breathtaking. It is so small, but so amazing.
    I'm also in love with the colors on the cover.

  5. Great review! I've been really wanting to read one of Lauren's books...