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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tyger, Tyger

Tyger, Tyger (The Goblin Wars #1) by Kersten Hamilton

Source: ARC from Clarion Books

Grade: 3.8 stars out of 5

I was apprehensive about this novel at first mainly because I (deep breath) judged the book by its cover. I did not like the cover very much, (hello giant tree!), which gave an almost impression of a self-published novel. I know, I know, I am being book-prejudice, but I have had my fair share of self-published novels that lacked proper editing and a good designer. It automatically got an involuntary flinch from me. So once I got past the cover, I decided to take a break from vampires and read a book about goblins.
Tyger, Tyger follows three unlikely heroes where they travel through a fantasy realm to rescue their father and defeat the king—Fear. One is a small six-year-old boy, the human GPS, another is an Irish traveler who claims to be born to fight all of goblin-kind, and lastly a heroine who just wants to get into Cornell’s vet-med school and sees all boys off-limits until her goal is reached.
Tyger, Tyger is for fans of Impossible by Nancy Werlin who likes a little myth and folklore with their fantasy. The novel has a heavy-hand on religion and Celtic pre-history and mythology. The mythology demonstrates in-depth research and dedication. If your attention span, however, is just a smidge better than that of a goldfish (such as myself) you might find yourself dazed and not fully comprehending the quick history lesson with a barrage of names.

The overall execution for Tyger, Tyger was well-done and well paced with very little fault. Kersten Hamilton managed to craft a novel that I think will even please the Irish with her ghastly goblins, crafty cat-sidhe, swift sprites, and heinous hellhounds. It is like walking through Narnia’s closet and reaching a land where everything is questionable and the motives selfish. Some of the actions and details were confusing to read and harder to imagine in the mind.

The characters were fun to read, but many lacked that memorable personality. They were very likable throughout the novel and some had great moments where they shined with life. I do feel frustrated, however, with Teagan and Abby when the goblins do appear. It was Abby who first warned Teagan that the goblins are coming yet when Teagan told Abby that the goblins were here she did believe her. It makes me wonder why Teagan did not mention the dream and why is Abby so reluctant to believe her.

I expect great things in the sequel and answers to questions that I still have.

Cover C-/D+
Now that I read the book, I understand the siqnificance to the cover, but before I was I like "WTF is this?"

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  1. LOL! I agree with the cover. I have yet to read it, but I look forward too. Nice review :)

  2. I agree about the cover, but it's such a good book! I wonder if they'll repackage it for the paperback version...

  3. Ha! I do actually like the tree, but I agree with you that it sort of looks self-published.

    It's a book I am interested in, but won't pick up until the PB. ;)