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Friday, February 4, 2011

The False Princess

The False Princess by Elis O'Neal

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Nalia has known herself to the Princess and that's all that she has known. But one day out of the blue she's told that she's not the real princess but the false princess. Her real name is Sinda. Sinda is kicked out of the castle and handed over to her aunt who is a dyer. Life now is much different than what's she used to. To make matters more surprising, Sinda finds herself possessing magic and discovering that maybe the real princess that replaced Sinda is perhaps not the real princess either.
The False Princess, oh goodness gracious, I did not want to read because of the old cover cover. It had such a dark color scheme and I'm like crow--attracted to bright shiny things. The new cover made me want to read the book, but after finishing the novel I'm happy I read it either way. TThe False Princess was one surprise after another that made the book better and better. I inhaled, devoured, gobbled, whatever. The False Princess was a book that was hard to put down.

Sinda was not the cool, calm, and collective heroine. Heck I'd be as freaked out as she was to find out my entire life was a shame. What treachery! She has more class than I do as I would've done something bad with my newfound magic and would've burn a few blades of grass or houses. But she's tough on her own standards and stubborn as mule. Sinda takes action and ahold of life destiny by heading back to the city to control her magic and maybe save the day or two.

The plot may seemed simplistic, but done so right that the pieces of the puzzle came together. Almost too perfect especially the ending. Despite that I would still continue to recommend the book for new readers of the fantasy genre.

Source: ARC from Egmont/Goodman Media
Cover B
comparing the new with the old I like each for different reasons. the new cover is much more eye-catching with the colors while the old cover definitely portrays Sinda more beautifully as it rings true ethnically. the necklace on the new cover I appreciate.
Published: 2011 January 25

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  1. that was a great book i loved it. Mysterys, love, and suspensen i hope another is made!!!!!