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Friday, May 13, 2011

City of Fallen Angels: Ramblings/Ranting

The following review (well you can't really call it that) is filled with whatever thoughts popped into my  head when I furiously typed it all down. Can you tell I was a little angry/frustrated? I've left the "review" in white so to read it in all its glory, highlight the entire empty white space. Please note I really did love the Moral Instrument series. I'm just not in love with this installment at all. Some small parts were good, I'm just more vocal about the bad parts.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Grade: 2 stars out of 5

I must say I was quite excited when Cassandra Clare announced the extension of the Mortal Instruments installment. I can assume that other fans of the TMI series were excited as well. However if City of Fallen Angels is any indication of what the other two sequels will be like I am going to pretend I never heard the news and that City of Glass was the ending. If I knew that preordering the book a month in advance just to be disappointed, I would have ordered something else from Barnes and Noble. 

My biggest issue with City of Fallen Angels was the pacing. Sometimes it just dragged like a zombie dragging its lifeless leg on the road. Other times the actions flew by so fast that I was gaping like a fish. 

The relationship that we know and love between Jace and Clary GONE! Where the heck did it go!? I did not just spent 10+ hours reading the first 3 books rooting for them only for their relationship to revert all the way back to the beginning. I thought the books would help move the relationship along, not to go backwards. I love you, but I’m not good for you. I’m only avoiding you and hurting your feelings to protect you without even discussing why I’m doing it in the first place with you and blahblahblahblah….  Whatever happened to originality, creativity, and straight forward talking things out that I loved!? 

The humor! It’s gone! Disappeared along with Jace’s logic! I can’t even focus on Simon whom what the novel was about because I’m so distraught about Jace and Clary. The connection between the two came down a dry humping in an alleyway and almost sex. Gah! No more talking about it because it’s just making me frustrated all over again.

Okay Simon. Simon, Simon, Simon. Simon was the nerdy boy who didn’t think he couldn’t really get the “girl”, but when he turned into a vampire he somehow got a lot hotter. And then girls come flocking his way. Simon ends up dating both Maia and Isabelle and lo’ and behold they find out. (How could they not!?) But there’s a happy ending of course. More on that later.

The City of Fallen Angels explores Simon’s powers and the Cain’s curse. It’s wicked and strange, but wow is it a great way to protect you from dying. But Simon needs guidance and someone to make sure he doesn’t eff things up with his newfound powers. Hello new character that somehow fits perfectly into the jigsaw puzzle that is City of Fallen Angels. He’s kind of the hot sensitive dude. The whole finding your long lost girlfriend/boyfriend and making up was too fast for me. The agency he worked for was spotty and I don't believe it was ever mentioned before. I don't understand why Clare would make new elements to the novel when the point was to tie up lose ends. 

I found the plotline to be almost clich√© at times. What I wasn’t hoping to find, I found. Clare purposely leaves these gaping holes in the novel where the rest of the novels pick up. 

I miss Alex and Magnus. Not enough in the book. Need more Luke too. Was an on-and-off fan of Isabelle.

Cover C
err why did they show Clary's face? The last 3 books were faceless people and why is Clary on the cover!? She already had one so leave Simon alone in all his glory.
Published: 2011 April 5
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  1. I enjoyed this book. It kept you guessing right up to the end. I can't wait to read the conclusion to the series in hopes that Clary and Jace finally get their happy ending.