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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Done!

with blogging with finals! Now that school is finally over for me, I can go back to blogging. I haven't written a review in about a month so I am very rusty. I attempted to write 2 reviews a couple of days ago and it went horrible; I forgot how to put my thoughts into a cohesive structure that hit the points I wanted to mention. Instead I rambled on, of course, school in my reviews! Hopefully with the pressure of school gone, I can write more posts.

I have tons of reviews to catch up on; giveaways to posts; winners to announce; and a BIG thank-you post for when I reached by 1000th follower! (I took a screenshot of it when that follower count hit 1000!). I really do appreciate those who stuck around while I pretty much vanished (with the random post here and there). I can't promise you that it'll never happen again but for the next 3 months I'm all yours :)


  1. Congrats, you DESERVE IT! And woot for no more testing, glad to have you back with us in the blogosphere! :)

  2. hooray for the end of finals, and the beginning of more reviews!

  3. Yay!1
    I hope you can now relax and read lots ;)