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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Agency Giveaway

I would like to direct all of your attention to Y.S. Lee's giveaway at her site. Here are the details:
To celebrate my North American debut, I’m giving away 3 fabulous prize packages. These will include a shiny new hardcover copy of The Agency: A Spy in the House and an Agency t-shirt. These will be randomly drawn.

There will be a fourth mystery prize, not randomly drawn, and this will go to the entry that makes me laugh really, really, hard. Ideally, it will make me spurt coffee out my nose. Yes, I’m that classy, and also willing to suffer for a joke.
Mystery prize rule 1: I reserve the right not to give this out at all.
Mystery prize rule 2: A randomly drawn winner may also win this extra prize.

So, what do you have to do? Simple. Just leave a comment below that completes this sentence: “If I were a spy…”


  1. If I was a spy I would forget that I was a spy. This comes along with old timers..a condition you aquire after age 66..LOL…I would have the hottest news about a big spy organization and forget to tell my boss., Until after the sh… hits the fan.. Then I would go into denial…
    What was I saying?? Oh well, it will come to me later, hope it is not important..

    This was my comment and I copied here,. Thanks

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. if i were a spy, i would lay low key so no one would know thanks for the giveaway

  3. If I were a spy I would have all the cool gadgets for surveillance. I would plan my missions with care and would have to find a super hot "assistant" to help me out. I also would have to get very stylish black attire so I could get my ninja act on while still looking great.

  4. If i were a spy I'd try to act as normal as possible, live a fairly modest life and sink into the background.

  5. I I was a spy I would be a low key spy, I would bee sleek and smooth so 007 like!

  6. If I were a spy, when you went to announce a winner and mail out the prize pack, you would realize that it is missing without a trace.


  7. If I were a spy, I wouldn't be very good at it.


  8. I would LOVE to win this!
    Thankyou!! :D:D:D
    If I would a spy, I would be one of the BEST!



  9. If I was a spy i would be so good-I'd change my hair, my dress the way i talked.

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  10. If I was a spy, I'd suck at it.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

    bloggyig at gmail dot com

  11. If I was a spy I'd spend a lot less time on the computer and more time spying. :D

    I know it's not a prerequisite but I am following you.

    wakeupangel at gmail dot com

  12. If I were a spy...
    I would ask myself "How did I become a spy in the first place?" See, I'm Asian. The stereotype for Asians are that we are supposedly really smart. Yeah well...Me? I'm a blonde asian. Seriously. I told my friend that I couldn't put a laptop away cause I didn't know where it went. And seriously, there is a number on the computer that matches the number where the computer goes...But anyway, yeah. Someone definitely had too much coffee or was poisoned with something to let me be a spy. But if I was smart enough not to get shot, I would probably spy on my faovorite celebrities (AKA the Jonas Brothers). You call it stocking, I call it love :D Haha. They would send me on the most dangerous missions, and I would walk away like all the spies do with their hair blowing in slow motion while a building behind me blows up... At least, that's what I hope happens...

    Haha, thanks for the contest !


  13. If I were a spy...
    I would probably ask myself, "How did I even become one?" See, I'm asian. And the stereotype for being asian is that we're really, really smart. Well I'm smart, but I lack common sense. Really. So technically I'm a blonde asian...But anyways. If I actually thought things and not got shot, I would be the spy that spied on my fave celebrities (AKA the Jonas Brothers). People call it stalking but I call it love :D I hopefully wouldn't get caught. I would be one of those spies that would walk away from the blowing up building walking in slow motion, looking all cool...At least, I hope I would be !

    Thanks for the contest ! It's pretty sweet.


  14. Oh I'm sorry, I think I just commented twice...Please ignore one of them

  15. If I were a spy I would speak many languages.


  16. If I were a spy I would have contacts everywhere. I would keep money and various I.D.s in safe deposit boxes all over the world. I would own many gadgets and I speak many languages. I would have apartments all over the world.

  17. If I was a spy, I would have quite the black coloured wardrobe and really enjoy sneaking around while others are so unaware.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com