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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Tour: Bonnie Hearn Hill (Guest Post and Giveaway)

I would like to introduce you to Bonnie Hearn Hill, author of the Star Crossed Series. Her first book, Aries Rising already been released and can be ordered on Amazon. You can also visit Bonnie at her website.
Q: Did you use astrology to create the characters of your teen series?

A: I've always used astrology to create characters, even though I might not know the specific birthday of a character. Instead, I might think--Oh, she's a Fire sign, very assertive. But she's not interested in center stage the way a Leo would be. No, she really wants to be first, and she doesn't always think things through. She just goes for it. Ah, an Aries.

Thanks to my friendship with humorous astrology writer Hazel Dixon-Cooper, I got an education in astrology right along with my character. I learned that all signs have a positive side as well as a negative one, and I realized I needed to balance both sides. For instance, a Sagittarius might talk a lot, but you'll seldom find one who is petty or mean. A Cancer might be manipulative or needy, but you won't find a more nurturing sign. Taurus may be stubborn but is usually fair.

At the end of the book, I list each Sun sign (and my publisher later added press-on astro tattoos). I include both the positives and challenges of each sign to give readers the whole story. In later books, I go into the influence of the Moon, Mars and Venus. A really outgoing Pisces (usually not an outgoing sign) might have a lot of Fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) in her chart. A talkative Pisces might have Gemini, the natural communicator, or even Libra.

I also think what might have happened to this character to make her uncharacteristically bold. By thinking about the whole person, you avoid cookie-cutter characters in fiction and in real life. You won't be so ready to jump to conclusions.

I had a pushy bad Aries cheerleader in ARIES RISING, so I balanced that with another character, a dedicated, determined Aries working several jobs. I even gave my Aquarius protagonist an Aries Rising so that she would be more proactive.

I don't believe astrology is a life sentence. It's just a starting place, and it can help you understand others--and yourself. If you are a multitasking Gemini (the way I am), you can acknowledge that and remind yourself of the importance of also being a finisher. If you are an emotional Scorpio, you can accept that about yourself but also work on letting go of the past. If you are an intellectual Aquarius, you can work on expressing your emotions--as my protagonist does.

Sometimes when I'm developing a character, I'll ask myself, "What sign is she?" And the answer will be clear. When a character is clearly developed, it's pretty easy to tell.

I purposely gave my protagonist and her two best friends very different personalities. Logan is an Aquarius. She knows how she feels but has difficulty expressing it. Jessica (Chili) Chiliderian, is a talkative Gemini, who is always falling for a different guy. Paige, a Pisces, is a shy daydreamer. Together, though, they have everything they need to combat the challenges they encounter.
About the Author:
You can thank Coca-Cola for Bonnie Hearn Hill’s long lived writing career. They were the ones who sponsored the writing contest she won in the fourth grade that gave her writing fever. She’s been writing ever since.

Bonnie spent 22 years as a newspaper editor and wrote six thrillers, as well as several non-fiction books. An interest in astrology and a friendship with Cosmo Magazine Astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper led to the development of her new Star Crossed Series for the YA market.
And in case you’re wondering…Bonnie is a double Gemini, saved by an Aquarius Moon. Air and Fire with very little Earth.

The next two installments of the Star Crossed Series will release soon:

Also as part of the blog tour I am able to give away 1 copy of Bonnie's book; Aries Rising:
When Logan McRae discovers a magical book called Fearless Astrology, all she wants is to change her sucky life. In order to get into the summer writing camp of her dreams, she needs the recommendation of her stubborn and irritable English teacher Mr. Franklin. Logan also has her eye on Nathan, the hottest guy in class. Unfortunately, so does popular, beyond-gorgeous Geneva, editor of the high school paper.

Logan's two best friends, Chili and Paige, are always there to give her the advice she needs. But now that she has Fearless Astrology, Logan discovers a whole new way to overcome her dilemmas-while helping the three of them land the guys they're crushing on.

When the Gears, a group of boys, starts causing trouble in school and out, she decides to identify them using astrology. Her goal: to impress Mr. Franklin, Nathan, and the kids who believe she is faking her newfound knowledge. The answers are in the stars, all right, but can Logan decipher them before it is too late?
To enter: comment to tell me your astrological sign and do you think it fits you?

Contest details: 1 copy; US and Canada addresses only, ends on April 1st.
Special thanks goes to WOW (Women on Blogging) Blog Tours. You can find more information about them here and find the tour dates for Bonnie here.


  1. Aw, I am so looking forward to this new series... I can't enter the contest though. :-)

  2. I'm a Scorpio and some things fit: others don't.
    I like to be in control at home, but not necessarily at work. The battle for control definitely causes problems at home. As far a money goes, I'm bipolar and that complicates things. I have an excellent memory and it helps in my profession as an accountant.

  3. Virgo and OMG yes also to a T!

  4. I'm an aries; some things fit and some things don't.


  5. I am Aquarius. I am independent, a dreamer, run from emotional expression (I think due to my X), I am always willing to help others but do not like to ask for help. I spend alot of time alone (I think because I was sick as a child I just got use to being alone and I started reading at an early age). I can see both sides of an issue which makes some people mad.LOL.. I don't have enough faith in myself to try things I would like to do. I am to trusting and get taken advantage of often, but I am trying to change that.
    I have added your books to my to buy list and I know I will enjoy reading them. I love humor..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  6. I'm a Leo. Some things fit with my personality and other don't. For example, I am very generous, loyal, independent and stubborn. But I'm not vain, confident, domineering and melodramatic.

  7. I'm a Sagittarius and I've never felt like I fit that; Sags are supposed to be outgoing, sporty, and nature lovers and I like to sit inside with a book so...

    Please enter me in the giveaway!

    stephaniefleischer889 AT gmail DOT com

  8. I'm a Libra and I think it fits me since they're peacemakers, trying to smooth things over. That's me.

  9. I'm a gemini, and it fits so well that its almost sikening. lol.

  10. I'm a Libra, some parts of the sign fit while others don't. I'm not really all that sociable.

  11. They say I'm a Taurus :)


  12. im a Scorpio, and it fits me cause Scorpios are creative! and im very creative, we are also secretive and sometimes anti-social =)

  13. Cancer & it fits me to a T.
    It is a fundamentally conservative and home-loving nature, appreciating the nest like quality of a secure base to which the male can retire when he needs a respite from the stresses of life, and in which the Cancerian woman can exercise her strong maternal instincts.
    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com



  14. I am a Cancer. It definitely fits...I am very loving and caring, etc.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  15. Im a Virgo and it fits me very, very much.

  16. Well I'm a Virgo, and I've always thought that it suited me. I think that's only because its what I've always known. Then again, each time I read my horoscope or the traits of a virgo, I seem to find that they do fit me in some way, but then again so do some others. It's really hard to tell, lol.

    Thanks for the great contest.


  17. These are wonderful comments. Remember, the Sun is not the sum. You may have a Moon, Mars, Venus, etc. that influences your Sun sign.

    BP--I am a textbook Gem too. Thank goodness I have the Aquarius Moon.

  18. I am definitely a gemini!! I can never sit still, always busy with several things going on. Queen of multi-tasking! My mood can change quickly--just like the twins of gemini.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  19. Liked your post. Someday I hope to write a book where the royalties will pay for the copies I give away.

  20. A Libra and heck yes it does! What it states that I am and is:

    balanced (pacifist)
    easily influenced

  21. I am a Virgo...some qualities are me---definitely a perfectionist. But then some say Virgos like nature and outdoors and I definitely don't!


  22. I am a libra and I think it fits me for the most part. I am very laid back and a people pleaser, plus there are other things that I should probably mention in a book blog comment... hehe. I love thinking about this stuff though. It's very intersting to me.


  23. I'm a Capricorn, here's a description I found: Hard, shrewd, diplomatic, practical, pessimistic, opportunistic, down-to-earth. Fixed in love. Adaptable in work. Just in aim. Uses means to ends. Deals in facts, figures, time, order and precision. Tangibles and tangibles only. Respects those who are in position to grant favors! Cool emotions. Trouble-shooter. Gets better with age.

    Uh, no. Most of that is definitely not me. Except maybe the "fixed in love" part. And the "gets better with age" part. I like that!


  24. I am right on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius and I think certain aspects of each fit me. But I consider myself more of a Scorpio.


  25. I’ve never really thought about astrological signs much but this new series sounds great! I researched my sign at astrology.com and that’s apparently one of my traits…a thirst for knowledge! Here's what I found out:
    Knowledge is key, since it fuels a broad-minded approach to life - Yes
    Clear thinker - Yes
    If hemmed in, will become impatient and difficult – Yes
    Unflinching optimism – No. I used to be an optimist but I don’t handle disappointment well, so I changed to more of a realist who others see as a pessimist.
    Procrastinators – Yes
    Move quickly and uncontrollably, flitting from one thing to the next, never looking back – Yes unfortunately
    Talk so fast that they don't process the full weight of what they're saying, leading to the occasional hurt feeling. Often, however, their words serve to inspire others and to get things going. – Yes (Tough love!)
    High-spirited Sags love to socialize – Not really. Only in familiar crowds, not so much with new people but it depends on my mood. I’d rather read a book.
    Favors rich maroon and navy hues – Wow yes! My room growing up was a cavern of navy blue.
    Athleticism lends itself to challenging sports – Yes

    Fascinating to see these things. I’m very interested in how your birth sign interacts with different influences like you mentioned in your interview. What a neat idea for a series! shannon.jurewicz@gmail.com

  26. I'm a Gemini. Most aspects don't really fit, but there are a few that do.


  27. I am a Libra and I do not think it fits at all.
    Zubin[dot]c[dot]hill[at] safe-mail[dot]net

  28. Great giveaway!

    I'm a virgo and there are actually some aspects that fit quite well, which surprises me. But my sign certainly doesn't fit me like a glove, there are many qualities that the "general" virgo and I just don't agree on.

    mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

  29. Oh I am so excited for this giveaway!

    I am a Sagittarius and I totally think it fits me to a T. I am fun, adventurous and a people person. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

    emily DOT wittenberg @ gmail.com

  30. This is so fascinating! My grandmother dabbled in astrology so she had my chart done. I'm a gemini (which definitely fits) and I have a grand trine in air signs. I do not have a single earth in my chart, and only one water.

    I never really thought about creating characters based on their charts. That's so cool!

  31. My astrological sign is a sag and I do think it fits me. I'm into all the astrology stuff and I'm constantly looking up my horoscope.