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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spread the Flower Love Tour: Week 3

1. When did you start researching flower meanings?

I’ve always loved flowers and wanted an enormous garden, but it came together when I found my first language of flowers book. I have a whole collection now! As a freelancer, I was always “researching” for new ideas.

2. Have you worked in a flower shop?

No, but I’d love to. I mostly used my powers of observation and tried to hang out in gardens as much as possible. I did a lot of fact checking online, too.

3. Did you already know that you were going to write a book that included flowers?

Yes, that was one of the first things I knew. I also knew the target audience and how I wanted it to end. ☺

4. What if you were allergic to pollen that made it impossible to stand less than 3 feet from them?

LOL, I am allergic to pollen. I have to take an antihistamine and use nasal sprays and eye drops in the spring. But it’s worth it. I could never live without flowers.

5. What is the most hideous flower in your opinion?

There’s a flower called the Titan arum, aka “the corpse flower,” because it reeks of rotting flesh. It’s also one of the world’s largest flowers, too, which seems unfair. I won’t be planting that one.

6. Do you care for Venus Fly Traps? I had a "baby" one and I would always stick my finger between the lips (are they lips?). Of course it died within a week.

I think they’re fascinating and maybe we can learn a lot from how they work. I don’t think we understand how flowers and plants work completely. Another reason to preserve the rainforests….

7. Which brings us to the next topic! Caring for plants, any suggestions? Especially with gardens in the city.

Most people overwater plants inside. Outside, plants need a fair amount of water, especially in the city. I’d pick fun and easy plants, like morning glories, impatiens, pansies, some ferns for the shade. You can do a ton with container gardens, too. Plants are really persistent, and most do well with even a little bit of attention. It’s worth it to see bloom after bloom.

8. I heard that sticking the flowers that have been cut in sugar water helps.... That's even a questions, but I thought I would just throw that in there.

I’ve heard that pennies help too. I usually forget, but just try to keep cut flowers in fresh water. Otherwise, the stems can get kind of smell and moldy, so I usually change the water on fresh flowers every few days. It’s worth the effort, because they really brighten a room and bring it all together.

Vita Sackville-West said something like “a room without flowers is like a room without a soul.” I agree. Thanks for having me, Yan!
Now I'm supposed to present to you my lovely readers a flower! By collecting these followers around the blogging community you can win a prize. Yay prizes! All the info is at Amy's blog: "Week Three Prizes will include Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu and Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, along with a language of flowers booklet and FHN swag." Now are you ready for the most awesomeness flower our there? The reason why I like this flower is because its name is so literal! There's nothing latin or confusing about it :) I give you Bleeding Hearts.


  1. Gack, that is sort of a hideous flower. Love the bleeding violets.

  2. I work in a flower shop. Hehe ^^;;.

  3. I grow bleeding hearts! They work well in Seattle because of the shade!

  4. I have to admit I have never seen a flower like that.

  5. that flower is wicked, ive never seen one like it! i didnt realise how interesting and unique a flower could be!

  6. I've never seen Bleeding Heart my entire life. I don't think it is a tropical flowers, so my chance of seeing the real flower is rather thin until the moment I spring to your country it seems! Anyways, a very great interview there. An interesting fact about Titan arum. From the description, it does sound pretty much like Rafflesia. I've seen this flower at The National Park and yikes, it smells so bad!

  7. I love flowers, too. I'm lucky enough not to be allergic to pollen, though. So, when the gardens start to grow I get really excited. I love the Bleeding Heart, I hadn't seen one before, but they're beautiful

  8. I love Venus Flytraps. :)
    Awesome review.

  9. Really interesting interview! Loved your questions and her answers. And I'd never heard of Bleeding Hearts before, but they look really cool!