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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Eternal One [Angry Rant]

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

Source: ARC from Penguin

Grade: 1.8 stars out of 5
Um, CAUTION, below is a very angry rant that I wrote right after reading The Eternal Ones. I read it back in March and my review is 80% complete, but by now I have forgotten almost everything D: It is also kinda SPOILISH so BEWARE as I am not very coherent in my blind rage. In fact I am going to take extra precaution and make the text color white so if you are curious, just highlight to read.

The Eternal Ones (just thinking about it makes me frown) is about past lovers finding one another again after being reincarnated. Sound delish right? The novel then goes on to tell why these two star-crossed lovers’ life seems to never forebode very well. Throw in some crazies, a smexy boy, a gay BFF into the city of New York and what do you get?—a yummy soup of potential. Whereas in reality we get a ‘what the heck are you trying to feed me?’ concoction. All signs pointed a YES when I first read a review that said The Eternal Ones is for fans of Time Traveler’s Wife, Twilight, and Beautiful Creatures.  Hey I liked all three of those books! That must mean I’ll like The Eternal Ones. Ha!—yeah right.

The Eternal Ones is very much so like Blue Bloods just without the vampires and the semi-incest thing happening. The society, the past lovers, the ‘is falling for him be a good thing?’ are all elements here. The regrettable weak protagonist?  don’t make me laugh. Seriously, don’t make me laugh; I’m in a foul mood when it comes to this book.

So here’s the thing the entire novel is fine. Perfectly fine. I just hated Haven a lot. And by a lot I mean that I could barely finish the novel because of her. I find her indecisive, irrational, gullible, naïve, stupid, and really just a ditz. Whenever someone tells her something, she believes them! When someone else tells her the opposite thing she believes them then! Really, where is the thinking process happening!? I mean if it takes one burning building that you happened to be trapped in to realize something than you really need to be dropped on your head. This goes on for about three-hundred pages you guys.

Speaking of which, the plot moves, no wait, it crawls on. With this many pages I need power, drive and plot twists to keep me happy enough to read this much. The only thing that kept me going was pride and stubbornness.
And...that was what I had last written back in March.
Cover C+


  1. So, let me get this straight, you loved it right? LOL :)

    I agree with you about the main character, she was all over the place never with a mind of her own... :(

  2. I threw this book away in the dumpster. Literally. Worst piece of literature to grace the YA market in..... a long time. Bah! And people say they have problems with TWILIGHT. Please. There are worse books out there, and this is one of them.

  3. wow

    i'm glad i haven't read it then

  4. The main character was definitely the worst part of the book with me. Her relationship with Iain was completely bi-polar and she acted incredibly immature for someone who's been re-incarnated so many times. Hell, she's even immature for a teenager her age!

  5. People seem to either love this book or hate it. I'm in the group who hasn't read it and probably won't. I've seen too much main character hate to put myself through it.

    Thanks for the honest review!

  6. Lol i was expecting more bitchiness so i dont't think you were harsh at all, im just glad that you were honest because that's what matters!

  7. I have read reviews where this book isn't all that. It was promoted so much but not at all good. *Sigh* I have yet to buy this book, but reading the review makes me more curious as to whats wrong with it. I'll think i will get it when it comes out in paperback or borrow it from someone. Thanks for being honest.

  8. I don't think I'll be running out to buy this book anytime soon. Thanks for your honest opinion :)

  9. I liked the book, but wish the execution was a bit tighter. Haven didn't bother me as much as she bothered you. The grandmother was meh.

  10. lol i felt the exact same way about Haven...

  11. Lol, I was given this novel to review. Haven't touched it yet.