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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wicked Game

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

Source: Won from Brooke at Brooke's Reviews

Grade: 3.8 stars out of 5
Ciara Griffin is a con artist trying to go the straight path, but old habits die heard and turning WVMP into a vampire radio show maybe the biggest con of all. Because it’s true. But the truth is deadly and the stakes have been raised—literally and figuratively. 
Wicked Game was a different sort of paranormal romance than I have read in my time. Why? Because of the novel had a surprising strong plotline and focused on that plot and characters. One most occasions there would be a heavy dose of sexual tension and dragged-out scenes of releasing that tension that the reader loses track of what is the actual book about. Or the plot can be overly simplified and the sexual tension is the main focal point of the entire novel.

With Wicked Game there are several layers to the plot: the big picture, the radio show, the multiple relationships (inner/external), etc. With Ciara, there were layers that I think she didn’t even know she had and that like Shane, I am interested in peeling back those layers.

However I felt that the build-up, slower than I wanted, to the grand finale was better than the actual climax. It was understated and big twist had me cringing just a tad. And I have to admit, when this is my second attempt reading Wicked Game because the first time it was boring that I had to stop.

Cover C
I am never a fan of paranormal romance covers. They just lack *something*

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