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Friday, November 27, 2009


Devoured by Amanda Marrone (September 22nd 2009—Simon Pulse)

Grade: 2.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Megan’s twin sister Remy died in an accident nine years ago, and she’s been haunting her ever since. Knowing how crazy that sounds, Megan keeps this secret to herself and tries to lead a normal life. But when she takes a summer job at Land of Enchantment to keep an eye on her new boyfriend and his lovesick best friend, Samantha, she meets fellow employee Luke who can see Remy, too. Things get even twistier because Megan’s new friend Ari is sporting a massive crush on Luke, who seems to be developing a massive crush on Megan…making for a love triangle that’s positively possessed.

Megan wants to keep her distance from Luke, but when Remy’s visions get crazy violent; she knows she needs his help. Because someone’s definitely in danger...the only question is who?”

Review: There has been a lot of hype from this book. Many people seem to love it. Others didn’t like it. Devoured is claimed to be a re-telling of Snow White with an evil witch and the talking magical mirror, but it wasn’t truly like Ash by Malinda Lo. The author draws aspects of the fairy tale then moves it forward to modern time. Spinning the old lore into a darker theme of betrayal, lies, lust, and jealously and transforming it to one more focused on the mirror.

Despite the originality that I found in the beginning, things went downhill for me. It started to get predictable, harder to read because I found more and more things annoying. For one thing the love between Luke and Megan was extremely fast. The other thing was Remy. I can make a lot of stuff to counter my opinion of the reason why I dislike (a) was because (b) but you really can’t blame it since (c). I’ve done that in the past I’ll admit. But it still leads to the point where I really could not stand reading Remy’s scenes. She was far too irritating and infuriating.

I might be a little hazy with the details since I read this book eons (months) ago but if Luke and his grandmother are a little physic why didn’t they have an ounce of clue how wickedly evil Ari is? And the whole Land of Enchantment biz?

Then the ending was so “perfect”. Maybe I’m a pessimist but not even an ounce of greed or nastiness Luke and Megan? Not one bit?

Overall: I am sad of how disappointing this book was. I think this is either a love or hate book.

Cover B-
It looked better online.


  1. Nice honest review. I have this book but haven't read it yet...now I'm scared I won't like it, but I still will give it a chance :)

  2. I pretty much had the same feelings about this one. Plus the side characters for me just blended into one voice.

  3. Hmm, I haven't read this yet. Too bad you didn't like it. Good review.

  4. LoL. This book was okay. At least there was some fun stuff in it.

  5. Hm, that's disappointing I really wanted to read this one...after seeing all the hype...but now, hm, not so much.

  6. I just bought this book and honestly i just liked the cover. Lets c how it goes, hope i like it. I did read Amanda book Uninvited and it was pretty good

  7. I still have to look into this one. :O

  8. Ilurved this one. Totally creeptastic.

  9. I was expecting for a kick-ass book. Reading your review makes me a little sad.

  10. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

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