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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interview with Lindsey Leavitt + Giveaway

1. What were some of your favorite methods to pass the time in class (especially those long lectures).
Well, I listened to the lecture. Because I value education, and my parents paid hard-earned tax dollars for me to learn about the geography proofs and Spanish verb conjugations and....


Um, I slept a lot in high school. I had an early morning class, so I got up at five, often went to bed at midnight, and I was notorious for falling asleep and snorting myself awake. I also wrote really notes to my friends with intricate and fantastical made-up stories about our classmates. According to my fictional notes, there was a very high alien population at our school. And being as I lived in Las Vegas, a lot of exotic dancers. OK, so I went to my ten-year reunion. That last one proved to be non-fiction.

2. What was your best or worst assignment that you ever had to do for school?
I loved "book reports" in English classes. In eleventh grade, my group made a video of Scarlet Letter, the musical, performed to re-worded Grease songs. "Puritan Nights" was a class favorite.

The worst was the assignment was the science assignment I didn't do, because I forgot, and then only got 50% because the project was late, and then it pulled down my average, and I got a B and *sniff* Still not over it.

3. Aside from Seinfeld which television oldies you wish were renewed? I’m hoping for Friends!
Well, there are some Friends references in the text, but if you're a fan, you might not like what Payton and Sean have to say (Personally, I like Friends. My characters have minds of their own).

Even though it has been renewed, badly, gotta go with Saved By the Bell. AC Slater... mmmm

4. Can you describe Sean in just 5 words?
Kind, Cute, real, dedicated, aware

5. When you created Sean, how did you pronounce his name? Did you have in mind Sean having an Irish heritage?
Pronounced Shon. I liked how the EA spelling looked with his last name better than Shawn. Although Griswold has English heritage and Sean Irish/Hebrew, he's an All-American kid.

6. Hard rock candy or chocolate?
Oh please. CHOCOLATE.
You can find Lindsey at her website / twitter / blog

And because I have an ARC of Sean Griswold's Head as well, I will give away my copy to one lucky winner. This particular giveaway is for everyone OUTSIDE of the US / click here for the US address giveaway / so leave a comment answering any of the questions above. Leave your email address. Giveaway ends March 8th.


  1. Not commenting to win, so not answering a question, but great interview! I loved the questions and "Puritan Nights" sounds like a great song for Hester Prynne.

    And who didn't sleep in high school? My soph. year I had geometry bright and early and I used to snooze my way through the whole thing.


    I had to, couldn't resist :)


  3. I would totally want friends renewed! Like wow. I've got my fingers crossed for a movie though!


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  6. I would love to see Buffy renewed!


  7. I would love to see Roswell renewed :D

    Thanks for making a non-US-contest, very kind of you :)


  8. An oldie I would love to see renewed is Everybody Loves Raymond.


  9. I'd love to see Buffy renewed! And Friends would be great too :P

    Thank you for making this an international only giveaway!

    entrelibros_blog at hotmail.com

  10. Great interview and thanks for the giveaway! :)

  11. I used to hide books under or behind my binders and textbooks and read... I was usually ahead and it didn't matter XD


  12. What were some of your favorite methods to pass the time in class (especially those long lectures)?

    usually, I listen to the lecture of the teacher because I'm the one who's gonna suffer if i don't. But if it's really really boring, i tend to doodle on the last page of my notebook or secretly read a book :))