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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swept Off Her Feet

Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne

Grade: 3 stars out of 5
Evie Nicholson is an antique appraiser who’s fascinated by the history of each piece. It’s less about the money, but the story behind each tea set, tattered teddy bear, and photo frames. Her next job is to appraise the furniture of a modern castle. The home is perfect in Evie’s eyes; she can imagine all the posh dinners and exciting dances that the castle once held. She just doesn’t want to participate in them for she and her sister, Alice, are the bulls in the china shop: clumsy and dangerous to everything near them on the dance floor. However, this job may just spell trouble.
When I first read the synopsis of the book I had expected a love triangle, multiple perspectives, and a little confusing plotline. However, Swept Off Her Feet was rather straightforward, single POV tale of Evie having her dream come true. She lands herself in a tragic love story with hidden notebooks of the past owners of the castle. She finds herself dancing and loving the Scottish reel with a man that may just like her back. Ah, but if only things were that simple. The dance of love is painful but rewarding.

Swept Off Her Feet has a forbidden element love to the novel that makes it more juicy, but what makes the novel was the world that Evie dreams of. The life behind the furniture is fascinating and the dance moves is intricate but described well. Anything curious enough to do the Scottish reel with me? For whatever reason, I pictured the dance scene from Pride and Prejudice, but with more twirling and spinning.

Swept Off Her Feet was a simplistic chick-lit novel but breezy and fun all the while.

Cover B
Source: review copy from Gallery Books
Published: 2011 March 8

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