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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mystery: Update?

So I just wanted to mention that my contest for IN A HEARTBEAT is ending tonight. For some reason that contest has been insanely popular, (I'll give you the exact number of entries later) which might be because it was posted on this online sweepstakes website.

Expect reviews tomorrow. Wait, rather than expect, cross your fingers for them because everything out of my mouth right now sounds...unintelligent. I need brainnssssssss <--reading MY ZOMBIE VALENTINE right now, (really disappointing so far). Also be on the lookout for some more contests; it's very shhhhh right now. And by shhhh I mean I have no idea what I'm doing. Alas by brain doesn't want to tell me either, but there will be some (where I'm also have the opportunity to send the winner some Vampire Academy tattoos as well! freaking awesome tattoos :P)

So is anyone watching the Olympics!? Go Davis and White! (Not a huge fan of hockey, opps!).

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