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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have mid-terms. Ummm so uhhh yeah...*gestures to the emptiness* It'll be empty for the next several days since I do not have any reviews. If you look to your left you'll notice that I need to review a bajillion books. So ummm go here to Sharon's blog where you'll find a picture of me. A very bad picture of me may I just say :P (of course I think every picture I take is really bad unless you count the ones where I'm really tiny you can barely see me).


  1. Ooh...I've got midterms too so I totally understand. I've been pulling way too many all-nighters in attempt to stay caught up with school, the blog, and Google Reader. Not to mention that huge stack of review books I've got in the corner. Why do all my books seem to always pile up at once? Yikes!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  2. First, I don't think the picture is bad! Second, good luck on your mid-terms you'll do great.

  3. Good luck Yan~!!! I'll frame your pic! ;P

  4. haha jeez everyone loves you. Keep post about me it gets me a ton of hits. lol