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Friday, October 16, 2009

Traveling to Teens: Sarah Beth Durst

1. how much research did you put into ICE?

Tons! I love research. Really, it's the best way to travel. You can immerse yourself in another place without ever having to pack. For ICE, I read every polar bear book, Arctic field guide, survival handbook, and explorer memoir that I could get my hands on. I got to the point where I could name every type of lichen that Cassie hiked past.

2. why did you choose polar bears instead of say penguins?

I wanted to write about the Arctic. And penguins live as far from the Arctic as one could possibly live and still be on the same planet.

Actually, that brings up a little known fact about me: cute depictions of polar bears frolicking with penguins drive me nuts. Polar bears DO NOT hang out with penguins. Seriously. It would be like walking into your backyard and seeing an elephant frolicking with a chipmuck. They don't live in the same place. Massive oceans separate them. Huge continents.

Anyway, I wanted to do the Arctic so... no penguins. Besides, a guy that shapeshifts into Chilly Willy just isn't the same as a guy who shapeshifts into a thirteen-foot predator.

3. do you think it's unfair that they don't have polar bears in the animal crackers?

I only buy animal crackers with polar bears. All other cracker shapes are clearly inferior.

Thanks so much for interviewing me!


  1. Cute interview! I'm really looking forward to Ice and it's good to hear there's lots of research behind it.

  2. The last question cracks me up. How come you always come up with funny ones like that Yan? I admire you :)

  3. I also hate depictions of polar bears and penguins frolicking together. Puffins might, but never penguins.

  4. hahahahhahaha. "i only buy animal crackers with polar bears. all other crackers are inferior."
    i love it. I actually might use that on my wall of quotes. Hope you dont mind Sarah, dont worry though I'll give you props:)

    Thanks for that cute interview Yan!