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Friday, May 28, 2010

Awards, Rotten Tomatoes, and Prom!? Yes? No?

(picture used with permission from Tiger Press)

I was recently sent an email regarding the Tiger Press Young Writers Awards 2010. Here's what it's all about:

The Little Tiger Press Young Writer and Illustrator Awards are designed to encourage reading and creativity in children from an early age. It is an annual competition aimed at schools, charities and organizations in the UK.

It aims to promote a life-long love of books and to give children a sense of enjoyment and confidence in reading, writing and illustrating.

For more information, tips and tricks from the authors and illustrators at Little Tiger Press please visit: www.childrens-books-award.co.uk

With enough support this campaign can happen again next year! So spread the word :)

If you want the button I have on my sidebar use this code save the image and link it. The code is being very uncooperative with me right now, I apologize.


And then several weeks ago I learned about YA Books Buzz. It's a website dedicated to YA Books, which one can infer from the title, but what makes this site great is because it selects reviews from the YA Book Blogging Community and calculates the "average" grade. Let's just say that I'm one of the few book reviews that seems to take the grades down a notch...or two (really I did not mean to do that!). In their release email they call themselves "the Rottentomatoes of Books. It allows the readers who hesitate to buy one book or another to make his/her choice. " They also have a "TOPS" section, which sorts books that has done the "best" according to the community and a "SOON" section in regards to about-to-release YA novels.

Overall I think it's a great website and possibly one that I'll be stopping by quite frequently. Now if only they have an RSS feed somewhere....

Finally let's talk about my reviews or lack of therefore. I'm at the homestretch of school right now. Everyone, especially the teachers are in panic mode, and I'm juggling many things at once at this point. I will probably use the rest of May to catch up on reviews and June will be much more livelier on this blog--hopefully. Definitely expect at least 8 reviews from me during June all for tours (yikes I signed up for one too many)!

But I brought up school for a reason: would you care for some prom pictures on the blog? I brought up the idea of me attending prom to Ka-Yam and she asked for some pictures during the event so I thought 'why not post them on the blog as well?' The 'well' may be an issue because I wanted to maintain this strict 'be a professional' persona for my blog recently. But then I realize that I can't. Blogging has become an addiction for me and it is hard to constantly maintain that stoic attitude I had envisioned. Yet I'm still on the fence for this question: To post or not to post, that is the question.

I'll leave it up to you readers if you want to see "me" at prom because really. I have an actual face if anyone wants to know ;) Curious? You can comment at the end of the post for your answer, and I will also leave a poll on the right-hand sidebar for you to cast your vote.


  1. Definitely want to see them! We don't have proms over here like over there. Also that YaBooksBuzz site is awesome. Thanks for the link!

  2. Of course! I always like knowing that there is a real person behind the blog, and there is no better way to do so then to post about your personal life sometimes! :)

  3. YESSS, you know I want! I'll even draw a special "yan's prom" image!! :D