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Monday, May 31, 2010

Spammers and How to Maintain Some Order

NOTE: Everything I say are just mere suggestions. It's not a rule or law in the community that has to be obeyed. Also I'm not sure if another blogger has done a post similar to this already.

There has an increasing amount of spammers for some reason on blogs. It has gotten so bad that I was forced to remove my chatbox because of it. I love having a chatbox especially when someone leaves a message or just a hello. I don't love it, however, when someone leaves links to "Cheap good IPhone accessories". It wasn't just one link but several links on a daily occurrence. Somehow they even manged to code the words so they flash and move around, drawing the eyes there.
Even before all this happened I have had spam comments on my blog posts. If you look at my review for Dead Until Dark review you'll notice that I have 86 comments on that review; 9 of those comments were legit--sort of. The rest of them linked to some Asian p0rn site (but mostly Japanese). I thought it would be fun to see how many spam comments it'll culminate, but it started to spread like wildfire attacking my other posts. I was not going to tolerate that. So instead I activated Comment Moderation (which I believe I learned the trick from twitter). It's another option than to use word verification.

To moderate your comments in case of spammers go to Settings. Under Settings go to Comments:

Continue to scroll down until you hit Comment Moderation. I have mine set to 1 week (7 days) when I start to moderate comments, but you're more than welcome to set it to anytime earlier or later than that.

To post or reject your comments just log into blogger.com how you normally will. There should be a link if there are comments that need to be judged.

Some other settings I have are comment notification email. I get an email whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog and if they have an email in their blogger profile, I will also automatically get that as well. It's handy when someone leaves a question on a post so you can easily reply back via email (making sure that they get your reply).

You'll also see I do not use word verification. Word verifications are annoying in my opinion. Even more so when it's an embedded comment box WITH word verification. I've accidentally close internet windows thinking that my comment went through only to discover that I had to type in a word verification in the end. Um opps? Too late, the window/tab closed. So if you really really want word verification for some reason or another, use either pop-up window or full page. Another reason to use pop-up windows or full pages is because some operating systems (Apple computers I've heard from some) have trouble with embedded forms.

Again these are just suggestions.


  1. I'm gonna try this. I have been getting Chinese links all over the place and I wanted to headdesk myself. D:

  2. I have comment moderation enabled on all posts older than two weeks, and it's been working fine so far. But yeah, there's definitely been an increase in the influx of spam lately! Which sucks.

  3. I haven't been hit by spam yet, but I've been watching other blogs get hammered. Great advice and thank you! =)

  4. Thanks heaps for the info! I've never much thought about people having problems with embedded comment forms but i'll give the popup one a go now.

  5. Thanks for the extremely helpful post! I've been getting spam all in Japanese on one particular post. It's been really bothering me.

  6. hehe thanks for not turning on word verification, a gazililion blogs is enough :P And I just get comment notification but thank god I only get 2-3 spam things a week :) very helpful post though!

  7. I've been hit by spam and continue to be, but I've been doing comment moderation on all posts for all time for a while now, and it's definitely easier. I love it!

  8. My spam count has actually gone up since I've been posting a lot more lately... it's weird.