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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Source: ARC from Simon Pulse

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

On the night where Aura and Logan planned to spend their special night together something tragic happens. Hoping to wake himself up after drinking alcohol during the after-party of his band’s gig that night, Logan created a deadly combination. A mistake that left him only visible to those who can see ghosts, those who were born after the Shift.

No one can explain why the Shift happened, but everyone who was born after it could see ghosts and the people who weren’t couldn’t. And it was after Logan’s death that Zachery came to Aura’s school. Zach, the quirky guy with the Scottish accent, was born before the Shift. He and Aura were born just one minute apart, yet that one minute created a huge different between the two.

Logan, however, is still in the picture just as a ghost and Aura just can’t seem to let him go. But his sweet personality seems to be only in front of Aura. Logan appears to becoming more and more like a Shade—a type of ghost that’s not so friendly to people. Aura needs to act fast and Zach just might be able to help (but why oh why does he have to look so good doing that?).

In a quest to find more of about the Shift, the reader follows Aura on a journey of rediscovery and acceptance. Yet I feel as though Jeri Smith-Ready leaves unfilled holes throughout the novel, the one that concerned the most for me being the aunt: “‘You know that before the Shift, I was able to see ghosts. But what you don’t know is that I was once in love with a man who…died and became a ghost”’ (page 234 of the ARC). She could see ghosts before and now she can’t—why? She pops up throughout the book, but I personally feel like I do not know much of her.

Then there are times while trying to slug through the book as it drags on at times, I come across some humorous passages: “Apparently, the testosterone-fueled obsession with weapons wasn’t just for American guys”’ (page 71 of the ARC).

Shade is a haunting (no pun intended) read because it discusses the afterlife. What would you be willing to do for one more day with a loved one? Would you be willing to live a life where he can no longer touch you or feel anything? Would you be willing to plea for him to stay even though it’s forcing him to become something he doesn’t want to? Just how far are you willing to go?

The ending as well leaves an impression. It’s this shocking one-word finale that left me gasping. It’s an uncanny one word so general that I had no idea what it meant! So yes I felt that the ending was too abrupt, yet I love the various interpretations I can make from it.

Cover B+
What? I like the wisp.

Shade was just released today.


  1. I saw the aunt as having a paranormal ability of seeing ghosts. I never once questioned it. I did want to know more about the relationship she mentioned but I don't think that it had a negative reaction to me about the story.


  2. I really want to read this one because I enjoy Smith-Ready's other novels. The endng does sound really cool, however.

  3. 3 stars? Hmm I may have to rethink buying this one..

  4. awesome review. I want to read this so bad. I never heard anything about the aunt thing in the reviews I read so it was interesting to read about it.

  5. I love reading paranormal stories. Great review.