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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rise of Renegade X

The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell

Source: ARC from Egmont (but it's already released!)

Grade: 4 stars out of 5 (but my brother who happened to have also read the book might give it 4.8 stars)

The Rise of Renegade X is a novel of wicked humor that gives its own unique spin of heroes vs. villains through an unexpected crass narrative. This ain’t your average Marvel Comics kids.

Damien Locke has been waiting his entire life for the appearance of the mighty V on his thumb to signify that he is a true supervillian. Yet on his sixteenth birthday he discovers that he is not in fact a supervillian, he’s…actually he’s not sure what he is because on this thumb it lays an X. Not a V for villain nor even an H for hero, but an X! It turns out his mother, a supervillian, made error of judgment in her younger years and now sixteen years later Damien discovers that he’s the birthchild of a supervillian and a superhero. Now that Damien knows he’s determine to find out who his father was, but maybe he wished he hadn’t.

Damien finds himself stuck with a six-week crash course on how to be a superhero when his mother and his ‘father’ agreed to expose Damien to the life of a superhero. This change from his daily life is because any time from 1 year to up to 5 years Damien’s X will turn into a V or even an H depending on his choices and actions. But Damien is sure that he’s meant to be a supervillian and will do everything he can to turn that X into a V!

But what does having your half-sister’s lace sock in your pants, being pushed off extremely tall buildings (when he’s deathly afraid of heights), being the experiment of the school’s ‘freak’ and a Mr. Wiggles have to do with any of that!? Apparently a lot it seems.

The Rise of Renegade X will leave its reader snorting with laughter sometimes garnering looks from peers and strangers. But it’s fine because you’ll be too busy laughing your butt off and enjoying this sarcastic wit and humor and rollercoaster scream fest to care.

Chelsea Campbell’s character Damien Locke is your typical and atypical teenage boy with his own troubles of hormones and an ex-girlfriend before dealing with the whole family issue. He has frenemies, a mom that’s currently dating the president of a school that he’s dying to attend, and a dad who saves kittens from trees as a career—what’s not to love about his life? (Well maybe we can love it all because it spells en entertaining read, but for Damien not so much.)

Damien’s life is the perfect scenario of a modern-day single home family; even more so with only his mother in his life for the first sixteen years. Campbell weaves current issues such as that, weight (overall appearance) and the pursuit of higher level of education stress into the novel while mixing in ‘comic-book’ sense of flair that impacts a much greater deal than one might assume.

Readers may find The Rise of Renegade X fulfilling yet unfulfilling. There are certain details of the book I wished I could have more clarification on, but as a whole this laugh-out-loud induced novel will please both genders and leave them continually checking to see if there will be a sequel.

Cover A
Nice butt ;)

P.S. Shoving the book under people's noses and screaming "Read it! It's amazing and funny and so so good! And oh my God, read it!" does not result in the way you may want it to be. For one thing they give you this pitying 'you're so crazy' look. I am completely sane pft.

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