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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Mystery: Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee's latest novel, This Is Me From Now On ("It's a comedy about a pair of middle school girls who play matchmaker between their teachers...badly."), just released recently. You can find Barbara at her website.

Just a short quick (but fun!) interview with Barbara.

1. Have you decided to play cupid at some point?

Once in college I set up a close friend with a guy I knew from high school. To this day I think they would have been a perfect match, because they were both incredibly passionate about movies. But on their date they ended up having a screaming match at a Wendy’s about some movie which he liked and she really, really hated. So she stormed out, immediately called me--and let’s just say she never took my dating advice again!

2. Did you have an "eccentric" neighbor at one point in your lifetime?

Yes! When I was a teenager our apartment was next door to a woman who wore flowered silk robes and WAY too much eyeliner. Sometimes when I’d be waiting at the elevator, she’d run down the hall, grab my arm and ask, “How old do you think I am?” I always answered, “Twenty-five,” because that was what she wanted to hear. She was nuts, obviously, but she always accepted UPS packages for us, so I guess she was a pretty good neighbor. [I like your neighbor! My neighbor just likes to leave open trash outside for days, but hey a couple police offices came up to me one day and asked if this lady *points to picture* this next door].

3. What is the most evilest dare you can think of?

I think it would be really evil to dare someone to speak the truth for an entire year. Can you imagine? No white lies, no “Of course you don’t look fat in those jeans,” no “I’d love to, but I’m washing my hair that night.” (No “You look twenty-five” either, come to think of it!) I’m pathetically incompetent at lying--I blush much too easily--but I’d never accept this dare myself!

4. Do you also think that the skirt on the cover is gravity-defying? I find it cute, just saying lol

Haha! Yes, that skirt is gravity-defying, but really adorable, don’t you think? If I had a skirt that behaved like that, I’d install a trampoline in my living room!

(Amazon has this great zoom feature for the cover, which I like to abuse sometimes)

Thanks Barbara! Does anyone else want to own this gravity-defying skirt?

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  1. Thanks for the interview. I just won this book and can't wait to read it. It sounds like a good read :)