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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Vinyl Princess

The Vinyl Princess by Yvnonne Prinz

Source: Personal Bookshelf

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

The Vinyl Princess—I just can’t help but roll that title in my mouth. The Vinyl Princess stars Allie, a sixteen year old vinyl, LP, obsessed freak. She has a typical routine going, but this summer spells not one, but two guys and a close-up with a gun, her mother’s boss roaming her house in underwear, and freshly printed copies of her own zines.

The Vinyl Princess I expected more from. I think this is partly my fault; I am not a music fan. I like music and will listen to it whenever I can turn the radio on, but I never go out of my way. This novel is all about music—shopping lists full of them. I ended up skipping an entire page because it was just one long list of bands and titles—ones that I particularly never heard of. It’s great if the reader is willing to explore all those bands, but I can honestly care less.

The romance I thought would be so much stronger. It’s not. It’s touch and go and even then it wasn’t a touch, more so a poke. But I blame Allie at times. I seem to love all the characters, but Allie is the only one whom I can’t place a finger on. The side characters, the background people, heck even the bad guys I felt more intuned with than Allie. She has a lackluster narration that is only spiced up by the people she knows. And spiced up they did.

But The Vinyl Princess’s best quality is the discussion of the ever declining importance of indie shops. Nowadays everything has gone mainstream; why carry hundreds of LPs or CDs when it can all be compacted into an mp3 player? Why buy and carry hundreds of books when all you need is an e-book reader?

Overall The Vinyl Princess is slightly predictable and bland. The deeming factors include the (not so) hidden mantra and Allie’s mother and her new boyfriend. If you adore music then this is an automatic book for you. If you’re like me who prefers convenience when it comes to music you might be on the fence for this book.

Cover B+


  1. Sounds like one I pass on. I always feel lost when a book refers to a bunch of music or movies or whatever that I've never heard of and don't really care about.

  2. I'm not a big music buff, but regardless I didn't feel like the novel lost me and I really enjoyed it. The writing is actually really good quality for a teen novel so even if you don't like music much you should still give it a try - personally I thought it was worth it!

  3. I love music. And, I think that I could just stare at this cover for days. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. The cover is rocking...too bad it sounds like the book doesn't rock too.