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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Endless Summer

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Endless Summer is the sequel to The Boys Next Door. In this newly repackaged volume contains both stories (which I failed to notice until I cracked open the first page). If you enjoyed the prequel you will like the sequel. Because words fail me here is the product description from Amazon about Endless Summer; scratch that, the synopsis seems to be more on The Boys Next Door than Endless Summer.
Lori finally landed herself her dream Vader brother. But this new romance seems to be in jeopardy when their family believes that their minds are out of focus and their actions lean towards the foolish side. If asking them to give each other a little breathing room doesn’t work then the threat of military school will do the trick. But Lori will do anything to get back together even if it means that she will pretend to date the other Vader brother. Déjà vu anyone? And you know how the last one turned out!
I find it ridiculously amusing how both characters are so dense and stubborn. They really is two peas in a pod.

Words really seem to escape me for this review*. I managed to write 3 reviews, synopsis and all, perfectly fine, but as soon as I type Endless Summer, poof. Nothing, nada, zippo. So let’s write a little (awful) poem:

Entertaining read
Nothing to say but to try it because it is written by Jennifer Echols!
Drama(tic drama)
Likable characters
Extreme sports! Fun!
Summer read
Salivate over the guys

Silly scenes
Utmost … uhhh (it leaves me speechless!)
Must read if you loved the prequel

Did that poem suck for you as it did for me?

Cover B+

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*This is my 4th attempt at writing this review.


  1. Oh man, nice review there. xD I wish I could just do that for all my reviews. xDDD

  2. Nice review Yan. Loved it!

    I didn't enjoy Endless Summer nearly as much as The Boys Next Door, but maybe it's just me?