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Friday, July 30, 2010

Forget You

Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Source: MTV Books

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5
Zoey’s dad just got his twenty-four-year old girlfriend pregnant.

Her mom was admitted to the psych-ward.

She just lost her virginity to a friend / playboy the same night her mom tried to kill herself.

She gets in a car crash trying to avoid a deer during a rainstorm.

Zoey gets amnesia and forgets everything that happened that night.
Forget You has the skeletal structure of the book in perfection yet the muscle and tissues are missing. Forget You lacked what I found incredible in Going Too Far: the emotional impact and self-awareness. Forget You grazed those two issues that made it an “OK” read from being an “amazing” read. I’ve heard the good and the bad of Forget You. It’s spectacular! It’s raw! It’s so obnoxious and annoying that I cannot simply get past 50 pages! It’s not any of those things in my view.

I am mostly disappointed in the relationship between Doug and Zoey. There was some background clarity that Zoey and Doug has some past history (heck they almost went to Homecoming together), but I felt that the point leading up to the inevitable confession was hard to swallow. Keeping the actual time frame in mind rather than going by the length of the book (like instead of saying they had so-and-so pages to progress, I went by they had this many hours from the confession) I found it to be slightly unbelievable to warrant the “L” word.

Okay so keeping the timeframe in mind (after the accident, beginning of the book) it would make sense. There were some deep connections and lots of baggage to be laid on the table and definitely enough sweetness and tenderness (though things got raunchy).

The layout of Forget You was slow in my view. The plot went round and round that seemed to be missing a definite direction. I was a bit peeved as to why no one would utter a word especially from the close friends (whom I would assume would at least try to comfort Zoey). (I am still confused about Mike and Lila, but mostly Mike in general.)

The build-up with Forget You was well done (though the ending was a small let-down) and the hints were appropriate for a dramatic / romantic fiction novel than say it would be for a thriller / mystery novel. On a surface level Forget You was an impressive read with external and internal conflicts, a hot half-Japanese guy, and a great idea for a novel.  On a deeper level there were some chips and cracks.

Cover B-
A little too light for my liking. I wanted a bit more saturation in the colors.

Forget You is now available: Amazon / Indie Bound / Book Depository

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  1. I have had GOING TOO FAR in my to-read pile for ever. And I want to read this one too . . . hot half-Japanese guys are a big plus, whatever problems it may have.