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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Infinite Days

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Source: ARC from St. Martin's Griffin

Grade: 1.8 stars out of 5
Lenah is one of the oldest vampires with a coven at her beck and whim. But Lenah is slowly losing herself, her sanity, to age. She has just one wish...to turn human. She wants to live again: touch, taste, smell again. Rhode, her lover and the one who turned her, is going to help fulfill her wish at the cost of his own life.

A hundred years later Lenah finds herself waking up in an environment and a completely new society, but a ultimately a new school. With less than a day left with Rhoda prefer he parish, he teaches Lenah what he could about the new place and its expectations.

But the coven knows that Lenah is now human and they will track her then kill her. And they will not hesitate to use Justin, a guy that makes Lenah feel alive, to lure her.
SPOILERS MAY BE BELOW (because when I rant I tend to let things slip)

Infinite Days is surely a disappointment on my end. My biggest issue was Lenah. I find her behavior not reflecting centuries worth of knowledge. I find her extremely shallow, somewhat childish, and unbelievable. The novel is also told in first person narration. This is the part where I would take out the copy of Infinite Days and quote lines with its appropriate pages, but I cannot seem to find my copy and I am 90% that I accidentally shipped the book in someone's package. To the recipient of the book, enjoy! To me, crap; this is going to be a weak argument.

When we are first introduced to Justin, Maizel describes his brothers. She describes the younger as pudgy; the older brother a little thicker; and Justin with his wash-board abs as a Greek god. (I really wish I had my ARC to double this!) That line ticked me off so much because, although there is barely anything about the brothers aside from that little fact, I believe that all three brothers share the same activities. So how is Justin the only gorgeous one? Between Lenah just happens to be beyond gorgeous with all the guys staring at her walk past. Perfect match eh?

Then there is how much Lenah knows about the modern world. Despite having less than 24 hours, perhaps less than 12 hours, she seems to know an awful lot of today. There is a line that I can recall, not with exact clarity, that Tony, a new acquittance to Lenah asks; it mentioned something about 'I hope you're not one of those girls who date only rich guys who play extreme sports and drive fancy cars'. (I really, really wish I had that ARC right now!) Lenah replies back in her mind how she barely understood half of that sentence. That I had trouble believing. For one thing, car is not the problem seeing as how she learns about cars from Rhode and receives one the following morning. Aside from that I do not understand what part of the sentence she has trouble comprehending. That are parts where I understand why she cannot understand, then there are times where I struggle to accept how she knows about that.

Then there is her love of Rhode. Lenah mentions that whenever a vampire loves, they give up a piece of them, so it's an extremely strong love yes? Yet why I do I feel as though she barely remembers or properly mourn for Rhode? Why does Lenah throw the urn of Rhode's ash? She could have placed the urn back to its place and threw another vase. It is at though Lenah is not as deserving of Rhode's sacrifice.

But just her love with Justin I need more. They both seem to throw caution out the window and love with a passion. I need more depth of why Justin seems to be the one (well the next one). Justin seems to be nothing impressive and unremarkable except being hot. At least with Tony I find there to be a good enough reason why they would together as a couple.

I did, however, like the transition from past to present. The ending was also a shocker!
Cover B-/C+

Infinite Days releases early next month in paperback form.


  1. The plot idea to this story is wonderful and I'm so disappointed that it's getting less-than-wonderful reviews. Thank you for the honest review!

  2. I get what you mean about Justin. I didn't think he was all that great and Lenah was really selfish and immature at times, which I found ridiculous. I still really liked the book minus those few cons.

  3. Ouch, thanks for the honest review. I just skimmed (for fear of spoilers). It sounds like there is a solid foundation for a story here, just some flaws. I am anxious to see if I will agree. Thanks for the review.

  4. great review, I'll think twice before purchasing this one

  5. Aw man. I wish you liked it more! It sounded like something I would like but... maybe not.

  6. Hey. Thanks for being honest (and brave) enough to critise a book constructively. Great review!

  7. Thanks for the review, I'll keep this in mind if I ever come across it!