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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

Series in Order: Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Breaking Dawn
Spin-offs: The Short Life of Bree Tanner / Twilight: the Graphic Novel (which I reviewed here)

Source: Personal

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

For someone who has piles and piles of books that need to be read and reviewed I had the extreme craving to reread the Twilight Saga over the weekend. Which, as you can tell, I followed through and lightly read / skimmed the novels.

Twilight, it seems, forces the two extremes out: Hate or Love. It is one of the most bashed on teen novels that has inspired many parodies, YouTube videos, and "Vampires Suck" movie. But I'm not here to mention that. Instead I am here to say that I like Twilight to an extent. Heck, I own the entire series and a movie poster and the graphic novel.

Honestly I have no idea why I am writing this review. I am also certain that I am forgetting a few points here and there.

1. It is not a great piece of literature and, in my opinion, will never be a "classic". That is just a fact of reality despite the intense twihards who permanently tattoo themselves across their skins.

2. It needs more editing. Just copious amounts of fine combing.

3. The whole Breaking Dawn book. Too happy-ending, too much build-up for nothing, too odd of names. Renesmee!? EJ (Edward Jacob)!? Carlie is a perfectly great first name, which I would have really preferred over Renesmee.

4. It has taken over Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Wal-mart. And perhaps several other chain stores.

5. It started a domino effect: paranormal fictions are hot. Now and then I miss a good ol' contemporary novel that deserves more credit than what it has gotten.

1. Edward: Edward is a creepy stalker and the relationship of him and Bella is a bad influence to tweens and teens across the world. Really though? In my opinion I like to say that we have some common sense here. I would like to believe that the majority of teens, in my case, should know better than to date guys who likes to sniff you, drink your blood, and stare at you sleeping every night. Common sense: stay clear from stalker/creepy guy and call 911. It is also common sense to not be an "abusive" relationship. (The word abusive is stretching it far.) It aggravates me a bit that Twilight is constantly bashed on for the relationship and yet some of the adult paranormal novels' relationship are not much better.

2. Bella: she is a Mary-Sue plain and simple. But Bella is someone that many teens can relate to (sort of).

1. It is an addicting, guilty-pleasure read. I have read each book several times already, almost second to the Poison Study series.

2. It has gotten many teens to start reading on their own. I, for one, am one of those teens. I was always a reader, just not a big reader; perhaps I would read a book a month, but no more. Twilight, as some of you may cringe, sparked that first initial reading habit so there is a sentimental value for me.

I am 99% positive (in my guesstimating ability) that Twilight did not deter already avid readers from reading again. Sure, Twilight might have some strong negative opinions, but it never forced anyone to stop reading.

And perhaps Twilight gave some reason for the older audience to pick up teen novels. (Twilight Moms--enough said.)

3. Some of the classical readers are probably pissed at this, but teens are now picking up Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet because of Twilight. Harper Teen realized that with the re-released updated covers to match Twilight.

4. Yay paranormal fictions!


  1. I like the series as well. I agree that it has open a door for many to read. My mother is an english teacher and she can't get over how many of her students enjoy reading now.

  2. Nice points. But, I LOVEEE this series. Well, Breaking Dawn was eh but the rest I was obsessed with. :)

  3. I don't like Twilight. It's not written very well and Bella just seems really sad and depressed all of the time. I was really annoyed that they changed the Wuthering Heights etc. covers to match Twilight. They're ruining classics and making them look like a series of bad books. This may upset Twilight fans, but I don't mean it personally lol :) x

  4. @Sasha: it's completely understandable. I have friends who vehemently hate Twilight for one reason or another lol

  5. I really liked this series and read parts of it more than once.

  6. Great post. I like the way you broke down the review by pros, cons, and neutral. It's a pretty fair assessment and I agree with most of this. :)

  7. I agree with pretty much all of this. Great review :)

  8. I mostly consider it to be a good thing that Twilight is getting people to pick up more classics. Although, that said, I think it may also spark a new wave of classic-hate because Wuthering Heights, etc, are not written in the snappy, action-packed way teen books are written today. They're much more elegant and artful with prose. A girl who has pretty much only ever read Twilight could very quickly get bored with Wuthering Heights' slow burn and toss it after a few paragraphs.