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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Faithful by Janet Fox

Source: Contest win from AuthorsNow!

Grade: 2 stars out of 5
Faithful by Janet Fox tells of Maggie’s story as she travels halfway across the country to find her mother. A mother that disappeared one day that left both her father and her different. She is taken out of her comfort zone despite many of the townspeople not liking her mother therefore not her as well because she was not like the others—impulsive or somewhat sane. But Maggie wants to change all that with her debut, which is why she needs to find her mother and be back by August.

However Maggie is in her a surprise because she may not be leaving Yellowstone after all. Her father’s business is in ruins and her grandparents have pretty much cut him off so he hopes to make a new life here. Maggie doesn’t want and the only way she can leave to return home is to marry her way out. Or will she make a name of herself by herself? And Tom—a man really who captured Maggie’s attention since the first time.
Faithful was a book that took me quite a while to finish. Never a good sign. My main problem was Maggie, the novel’s protagonist and focal point. Another bad sign. She reminded me of someone I knew; constantly whining, moaning, or groaning about something or another. I typically am the listener to these “pity” stories and it just grates on your nerves sometime. Maggie or this person did not know what they truly wanted. If they did then they would have not complained about not having something and then complaining about it when they do eventually get it. There is no win-win situation for these types of personalities. Did Maggie mature? Some might say, ‘sure’. To me, it’s pushing it. Give anyone a big enough scare and they are bound to change.

Even then the majority of the other characters have no substance as well. They run on two different temperatures: hot or cold. Mean or nice. Not even Tom, the male lead whom I suppose was going to swept me off my feet, was much of an asset to the novel. I did, however, like one or two characters, but they were secondary characters so I did not see them as often as I would have liked.

The setting and the imagery were lush and vivid, but it was not enough by itself. Give me a bouquet of flowers and I will admire its beauty, but that is all. Give me a story behind the flowers and I will love it even after it wilts.

There appears to be a sequel, or some form of companion novel, to Faithful, but I am more than hesitant to read it when it comes out.


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  1. Great review, have to say I love the second last paragraph there. : P

  2. I really like what you write about the flowers in the end. *sigh*

    Also! You changed your layout! I love it!

    And my eye immediately went to books read. OMG. You read 262 books in 2009? *is impressed*

  3. Bummer you didn't like this one. I just picked it up from my library. I loved the short prologue it just seemed like beautiful writing. Guess I'm pushing this further down on my TBR pile...

  4. Oh sad! I so wanted to read this book. I'm glad though that you really explained why you disliked it. Thanks for your review!

  5. I looked at the premise for this in the bookstore and thought "this sounds like an adult fiction book". Eh, at least the cover's pretty. Good to know I wasn't that far off.

  6. Very nicely said.. I really understood what you meant about the Protagonist.

    I am seriously sick of listening to people whine. :)

  7. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the book. I appreciate your honest review.