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Monday, July 5, 2010

Manga Monday: En Passant

En Passant by Yuzunoki Taro

Serialized: Square Enix
Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Fantasy  
Age Group: middle grade
Plot: 3 stars
Art: 3 stars
Characters: 3 stars

Kujou Shin is the king of pessimist somehow relating anything said to him to him not be worthy of living. Kujou is unwillingly dragged into a war against an opposing rival who wants to become the next leader of Verde, a secret organization that controls the world. He is the successor of the white king as shown by an implemented eye with an ability called X-ray—able to see within the future and turning back time. It becomes a battle of chess, white king against black king with rooks, knights, and pawns to defend and fight them.
I thought it was eventually high time that I review a Shounen manga. En Passant is a new manga so I have only read the first volume. So far it shows promise. There is a lot of fighting scenes, which is always fun to look at, and plenty of humorous scenes. I have little to go on though with the characters and plotline, and everything gets a bit confusing with the artwork not happening at times.

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