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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Mystery: Tattoos

What does one do when one gets bored and is surrounded by temporary tattoos? She tattoos their respected books for the heck of it and prays that there would be no water damage.

If anyone is actually curious enough to want to do it themselves, just leave me a comment asking. Otherwise it's pretty much straight forward.


  1. you're a genius! the tattoo on the Prophecy of the Sisters books looks so real. they should have printed it like that. *o*

  2. WHOA. I thought it was actually printed like that. But really, it looks so awesome :)
    Do you soak it? Or....something else? I'm afraid to get my precious books wet.

  3. Nope! Just just a napkin/paper towel, fold it into fourths and tuck it behind the page where you plan to place the tattoo at (and make sure that it's directly behind it). Then just get a Q-tip and dab that in water and dab it over the tattoo. Cover just the tattoo and try not to drenched the paper as it serves no purpose. Then pat the tattoo with another piece of napkin, pushing it down, lift than viola! lol