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Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Sometimes My Own Blog Scares Me

I should really learn how to plan ahead with reviews, but oh well. It's too late to dwell on this sad fact now. At any rate I was checking on my google webmaster tools and decided to browse the "top search queries". Under "Impressions : Your site appeared in these searches" I found some disturbing things that includes:
mission: to dress up like hannah montana and stand on the roof of the highest building in your city, and threaten to jump. but don\'t jump. please, don\'t jump. xd
this speaks for itself
your life suck so bad you are on mystery google
wow I feel like a negative influence
im awesome =\\. email me at kitty.kat.love@hotmail.com =d
I have this urge to email kitty.kat.love@hotmail.com because your awesomeness compels me
pa driving manual
YES! I have reviewed my Driver's Manual. IT's something in this blog.
read fragile eternity online
for the price your library card
emily faust and justin bieber myspace convos
taylor lautner stalks my mind. and im not even a lustful person and not attracted to him at all, but he pops up all the time its weird.
...I thought I made it clear that whenever I see Taylor I recall him being on Stark Boy and Lava Girl and immediately get goosebumps. Though I do have to say he made New Moon a bit better with his acting.
your mission: get rid of miley cyrus. i don\'t care how just do it. (copy and paste until you see this again)
I think you guys should copy and paste that something
she'll kill you in 7 days
yes I will.


  1. That's some funny shit! Thanks for sharing!

    I too need to buckle down and set a schedule for reviews. :(

  2. *giggles*

    Those are fun! My searches aren't nearly as exciting!

  3. LOL xD Epic is the word for this

  4. Sounds pretty fun. I wanna try it.

  5. I wanna try this too. Where do I go to check it out?

  6. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en
    then click on your blog
    under your site on the web
    finally to the top search queries

  7. LOL.I laughed so hard at the Taylor Lautner one. Maybe I'll try it.

  8. lol i wish i had something as fun as that. the only one interesting is "korean guys are hot" xD
    everything else is: [insert book title here] summary/review

  9. Hi,
    You've been nominated for an award on my blog :)

  10. I tried verifying the webmasters a hundred times but I can't get it. Dx

  11. Hahahaha. Weird! Last time I checked, my search queries just includes bookish stuff. Hmm, I should check it again. :p

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