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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (40)

The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan (May 18th 2010--Margaret K. McElderry) [Cover is UK paperback edition]

"Mae Crawford always thought she was in control. Now she's learned that her little brother Jamie is a magician and Nick, the boy she'd set her heart on, has an even darker secret. Mae's whole world has spun out of control, and it's only going to get worse.

When she realises that Jamie has been meeting secretly with the new leader of the Obsidian Circle, and that Gerald wants him to join the magicians, she's not sure how to stop Jamie doing just that. Calling in Nick and Alan as reinforcements only leads to a more desperate conflict because Gerald has a plan to bring Nick down - by using Alan to spring a deadly trap.

With those around her torn between divided loyalties and Mae herself torn between her feelings for two very different boys, she sees a chance to save them all - but it means approaching the mysterious and dangerous Goblin Market alone..."--stole this from Liyana who in turn stole it here.

HomgEek!Want!Now! *drowned in her own puddle of drool*

This meme is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine!


  1. The cover is so awesome xD I love any cover that is drawn out rather than photoshopped <3

  2. I can't wait to read this one too! I loved The Demon's Lexicon & *gushes* Nick!!!

  3. This blog is great! Thanks for your hard work on it.

  4. WOW! I love the cover and I cannot wait for this book

  5. *gasp* holy mother that cover is gorgeous. Man it is too bad I didn't like the first book that much. I will wait for you to read this one first.

  6. I NEED this book. I loved the first one and I'm stoked for the next one. Cute cover. I hope the US is just as good. :)