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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Eat Meat!

This was a collaborative interview with Carol! We happen to get a tad bit bored today...

What is your favorite animal?
Personally I love Koalas. It’s the nose, you gotta love the nose.

What stuffed animal do you own?
Three-horn, Penguin, two bears, CinnamonRoll, Domo-kun, a bunny, and a pig.

Your most memorable zoo experience?
When I almost threw up on my friend at the tiger cage. But really there was this one time, a kid (a senior) from my school arrived at the zoo drunk and choked a goose (you had to arrive to the zoo yourself). Our school was forever banned to visit them ever again. The kids at the school even got it on camera and broadcast live on the school television network!

If you could be what animal what would you be?
An eel. Especially an electric one! *Zap!*

Which animal are you like the most?
It’s a cross between a pig and a sloth.

Do you have a bear fetish or a shoe fetish?
I have a bear fetish. Shoes aren’t my thing seeing as how I only own like 1 pair of chucks, 1 pair of regular sneakers, 1 pair of flip-flops, and the random pair of high heels for formal occasions. Bears are just awesome! They can be cute (stuffed animals!) or be vicious like eating you alive!

Are you a cannibal? Do you prefer babies or toddlers?
I like babies. They’re easier to eat since they won’t bite or kick me once I start cooking them.

What didn't you like about eating adults? Is it true that their meat is too chewy?
They nag too much. “The temperature’s too high!”, “I’m not done cooking yet”, “You need more salt!” and all that jazz. The meat isn’t exactly chewy; it’s more of a slimy consistency. I guess it mostly depends on the method of cooking.

What do you do with the bones? Do you make a broth? Or do you soften it up and make it into jelly?
I like to pick my teeth with them. For the big ones though I play fetch with Fido. The broth idea sounds delicious though and the jelly one is…odd.

Do you eat the eyeballs and organs as well?
I just love sucking on eyeballs! Grab all the juices from them! Organs, depends on which ones. The stomach sure, but the liver is ick!

D you save the hair to make a sweater?
Too itchy. But I’ve been known to pass them around for Christmas.

What about the male genitals? What do you do with them?
You eat them! There’s this fabulous restaurant in China that only serves penises and testicles! Definitely try it. (I’m not lying you guys...go to Google if you don’t believe me.)

What about the mammary glands? Do you squeeze them for milk then eat what's left over?
I feed it to the babies to make them plump! Yum!

Do you prefer to eat cats or dogs?
Gasp! I will never eat Fido! Sharon, I’m coming to get Lily and Sabrina~

I hope you guys had fun getting to know me better! You can now read Carol's answers here!


  1. Ah yes feeding mammary glands to plump up babies is a good idea. Must try that out next time. :)

  2. I'm not sure i want to know you better but.... maybe you should cancel your flight to my house, creep-o! LOL. Koala's are really cute, the nose!

  3. Wow, I never thought of giving hair sweaters to people. An excellent idea! I will try it with the hair left from my latest victim.

  4. omg stay away from my cats you big meanie! I'll turn you into Yan stew!

  5. Nope, don't eat meat. Your post is grossly funny.

    Is this a new layout? I like it.

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  6. Haha, you must've been bored! I feel like I know you a little bit more than I want to...j/k

    This would be an amazing meme, LOL :) or Q&A with an author


  7. Koala's are kind of cute if you're into animals that hide outside your windows in the night and make noises like there is someone out there breathing really heavily. They also have four thumbs.