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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The School for Dangerous Girls

The School for Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schrefer (January 1st 2009)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Summary: “Step 1: Cause Trouble
Step 2: Get Caught
Step 3: Get sent to the school for dangerous girls

Who knows what goes on behind the doors of The School for Dangerous Girls? The school’s mission is clear: To take girls who’ve caused trouble and to reform them into model citizens.

It’s method? No freedom. No medication. No leniency. No escape.

Some girls are meant to get better. And, as Angela is about to learn, some girls are meant to stay forever.”

Review: I have to say, my expectations of this book were very low originally. After reading several negative reviews toward this book, I was quite skeptical that I would enjoy it. Oddly enough I did.

The School for Dangerous Girls had sudden twists and unpredictability that left me quite pleased. Hints were dropped along the way but there was no way that I had seen them coming.

The overall effect of the book was nicely done. You empathize with some characters from the start, hated others, and thought to yourself, they each have a unique personality that separates them. One reason for such would have to be the different past each girl had to be sent to the school; widely creative and somewhat realistic to an extent. The faculty members included, as much as I despise them, I had to admit they were well done.

However I have to agree with others about the negative aspects of this book. Angela truly didn’t really develop as a character in a way. Sure she did a few kind gestures but it wasn’t enough. There was also Harrison, a teacher’s son who works odd jobs within the school. He threw off the natural flow of the book at points and when he was first introduced to the reader, I had this strange sense that this was a dirty guy’s fantasy. A school filled with girls who haven’t seen a man for months, and he’s single, horny and available. It was as if he picking at the weak.

The ending was also quite abrupt to me. Even though it was an epilogue, I got no sense of completion from it. There were a lot of open ended questions left.

Overall: A nicely done tale from the male perspective. I’m looking forward to his next YA release.

Cover B-


  1. wow if anyone would hate this book I thought it would have been you.

  2. Hmm... interesting. Don't know if I'll read this or not, though. However... Philly??! I didn't know that! Whereabouts and what for??

  3. Huh, this book sounds odd. Especially the dirty guy's fantasy...might still read it (in the future) though.