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Friday, February 20, 2009

Shadowed Summer Mini-Review

Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell (February 10th 2009—Delacorte Press)

Grade: 2.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Summer in Ondine, Louisiana, is always predictable: hot and boring.

Not this one.

This summer, Iris is fourteen. This summer, she doesn’t have to make up spooky stories for excitement. Because a real one falls right in her lap.

Years ago, before she was born, a teenager named Elijah disappeared. All that remains of him are whispers. Until this summer. A ghost begins to haunt Iris, and she’s convinced it’s the ghost of Elijah.

What really happened to him?

And why, of all people, has he chosen Iris?”

Overall: Shadowed Summer lived up to the expectations as being a true ghost story: bone chilling, attention grabbing, and blanket huddling. And it was just that. I felt that the focus should have been completely on the mystery. This is where Saundra excels in—telling a fabulous ghost story that leaves the reader in goose bumps. I felt that adding the extra drama with the friendship and the boy trouble was a tad bit too much. Yes, it does work in some parts but the sections where they just try to solve the mystery were golden. The ending was a love and hate for me. Love because it was completely unexpected and hate because it was also out of nowhere. Saundra tried to justify it through the little hints throughout the tale but it was still fairly awkward for me.

So was Shadowed Summer a good read? Yes. Was it something that I’ll one day reread? I’m not exactly sure. There were mundane areas but overall it was a chilling tale.

Cover C+

P.S. I know I’m being redundant…I'm just completely out of it right now...


  1. Chilling as in gives you goosebumps and stomach tingles or chilling as in gives you nightmares where you have to sleep with the light on?

  2. lol chilling as in goose bumps and stomach knots. nightmares is a no. or maybe it's just me?

    just read it Lenore if you like ghost stories ;P