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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Okay I know many of you have heard of this series, but how many are planning to watch it? I'm so so tempted to watch it! If anyone is going to watch it, let me know how it was!

Pssst, why yes, I am indeed procrastinating on my history essay which was assigned today and due tomorrow. One and a half pages long. Wish me luck...


  1. Haha, sadly I've not had the chance to read the books yet. But this trailer makes the movie look cute and funny! I wonder if sticking my "magic card" in a block of ice really works...

    Good luck with your history essay! At least it doesn't have to be too long - double-spaced or single-spaced?

  2. I've never read the books but I really wanna see the movie! I love cute, feel-good chick flicks. (:

  3. It seems like many of you haven't read this series...actually neither have I XD

  4. Woah it has a movie based on the series. I never know. Thanks for sharing Yan. And best luck to you : )

  5. That looks great. I'm reading the book

  6. I have read the whole series so more the likely I will see the movie. Looks good.