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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Party Poopers!

You guys are such party poopers *pout* So some of you guys got it right (Alyce and Cecilia!) and it is indeed Chinese New Year! It's currently in the works....~

I sent a massive amount of emails this morning at 6:30 AM (it was the only time I found in the day, you guys owe me! lol) to authors that I've had contact with over the past month or so. I'm still waiting for their replies but some have already agreed to participate! I just had this sudden inspiration last night in the showers so I'm formally apologizing to all the authors for such a short notice (ekkk).

So far the people who have gotten back to me and agreed to such are Justina Headley, Eileen Cook, and Lisa Yee! And guess what!? They also agreed to have giveaways! And if that doesn't convince you guys to show up, then I will sic Carol at you, but if she's too busy then I'll...I don't know...threaten to burn a book...?

And to the authors who want to participate and haven't received an email from me yet, then feel feel to join in! Just me email (see top left hand side) and I'll let you in on the not so much more secret!


  1. Yan, since you're using me to threaten authors, you must pay me back in some way. Maybe by rigging a contest for me...? ;)

  2. I am so bad at commenting but I planned to find out all about your surprise even before I knew you'd have giveaways-including I believe at least 2 books I super want! :D


  3. Oh so exciting. I can't wait. Yay for the authors that DID get back to you and agreed to help. :)


  4. This is going be an awesome Chinese New Year. hehe.

  5. Yay Chinese New Year special. I can't wait for the contests. Thanks Yan!