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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surprise, surprise, surprise

I'm planning a, you guess it, surprise! Okay it's not really since I'm going to tell you guys now. Next next Monday is a holiday (not American though) and I'm hoping/planning a celebration week for it! I'm going to contact authors and set some things up and host some...giveaways! (because sharing is caring). The reason why I'm saying hoping is because I really don't have much time left and I'm literally filled to the brim with schoolwork and other projects. So wish me luck and I hope to see (or read...) you guys again once it's been officially announced!

P.S. Can anyone actually guess the holiday...? I'm still a bit hesitant on how it might turn out though...


  1. non-american holiday in two weeks? Hmm...I have no clue, but it sounds fun! best of luck and i hope everything works out and you find the time.
    school and life DOES get in the way. tis sad!


  2. Yes, Year of the Ox! Though I am sad because that means my year is over (I am a Rat). Don't get too stressed by school! Remember to breathe :)

  3. Chinese New Year? It's also Australia day. I have a calendar that lists some international holidays.

  4. I love surprises, even though this isn't really going to be s surprise anymore. lol.