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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cruel Summer Winner

Okay so my contest for Cruel Summer ended last night. I started to pick the winner around 5 PM yesterday since I was so bored, but RIGHT after I sorted through everything, I had some last minute entries. Yes, plural. I then added all of it up and typed it up on my spreadsheet, I got ready to pick a winner. I was hoping to do the same way as I did for Aurelia, list randomizer, numbers, die, but after getting about 15 different numbers (long story...), I got frustrated after 20 minutes of this. So I'm tired and I don't feel like explaining this anymore...The winner of Cruel Summer is...

I'm feeling grumpy and don't feel like contacting *cough harassing cough* you so email me your addy Carol, which I already have, but hey, it's the spirit of a giveaway.

P.S. Carol only had ONE entry which was a HUGE shock for me.


  1. hmph death to carol and her 26 books! :P

  2. Haha, gotta love the randomizer! Congrats to Carol(ina)!