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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Okay so I decided to pick a winner now instead of tomorrow! Instead of doing either or of the poll choices I decided to something I little odder (I know I'm sorry!) So here was my procedure. First I had a list on spreadsheet already done which I fed to the randomizer list. Next I asked friends for some numbers. Two of my friends were asked to pick 2 numbers in a certain range and another one was asked to pick 1 number. Than I used random.org to pick the final number, thus totaling to 6 numbers. I arranged this to highest to lowest. Finally I used a die (from who knows where...) and rolled it. The number it come out with corresponded to the correct level of the number, like for instance, if 2 popped up, then the second lowest number will be the winner. So if you followed all of that, I'll announce the winner! Which was...

ALYCE from At Home With Books!

So Alyce just shoot me an email and I'll forward your address to Stephanie who will then mail Aurelia out to you!