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Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Winning Entry! (Or Not)

Okay so I entered this giveaway hosted by Laura. It was an ARC of Mandy Hubbard's latest book Prada and Prejudice. And my entry won...something? So I didn't win but I'm sticking to my comment on her site: "Yay! I was runner-up! (Even if that means I don't win anything, it's the ego inflation that counts ;P )" Woo! I just quoted myself!

This is my 'winning' entry (I'm using the term winning loosely...). Oh! And the prompt was "What was the expensive thing you've purchased that you really didn't have to purchase"

Mine has to be this dress I bought when I was 13. My class was having a luncheon so of course all the girls were going to dress up. After 2 days of futile shopping by myself, my friend dragged me out to help her while trying to find anything for myself. Let's just say that when I'm out shopping with friends, my common sense and 'find a sale!' attitude goes straight out the window. She eventual convinces me to try this dress on, which of course I'm a bit hesitant on buying but me and my no brain attitude is pacified by my friend that it looks FABULOUS on me.

After arriving at her house I decide to try it on once again to make sure my purchase was actually worth the cost. 'Lo and behold it wasn't. I thought the dress was quite modest when I first got it but after trying it on the second time my opinion went a complete 360 degrees. It was a white spaghetti strap (which if I did chose to wear this dress I had to BUY another bra to wear underneath), that had glitter and ruffled seams, that hugged to the bust and hip. That doesn't sound too bad does it? Well the bad part was that it was sheer. The top half wasn't (thank goodness!) but the entire bottom half was! My friend said, "Ewww I can see your underwear" when she saw it on me. I looked down and was like "HOLY ****!"

From that day on I could never figure out if it was bad lighting or my brain not working that made buy that dress. Of course I did return that dress next week and managed to get a reasonably cute black wrap dress for a fraction of what that white dress cost me.

This is just me gloating..or procrastinating...either way I have to get back to studying...


  1. I wish we could've seen a picture of you with that dress! I was laughing so hard when I read it! But I felt for you too. I swear, dressing room lights are wrong!

  2. Lol. When ever I want to get something shot, I bend over first, to make sure my panties aren't showing. If they are, then it's too short, if they're not, then I'm soo buying.. lol


  3. I agonize so much about my purchases that I don't ever return anything. And sheer is so not happening anywhere near my body.