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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cathy’s Key

Cathy’s Key by Jordan Weisman, Sean Stewart, Cathy Brigg (Illustrator) (May 5th 2008—Running Press)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Summary: “Cathy was your average high school student--doodling in the margins of her journal, crushing on a cute boy, and hanging out with her best friend Emma.

As this story begins, she's trying to keep a job, her journal is stolen, the cute boy is not who he seems to be, and even Emma's side project/start-up company, Doubletalk Wireless, is about to get caught up in the mystery surrounding Cathy and her search for the truth about her father.

Her presumed-dead father.

It's just a simple story really: Girl loves Boy, Boy disappears, Girl discovers secret that will alter the course of humanity...”

Review: So I decided to be a good reader this time and not be distracted by the pretty pictures. Focusing on the plot and on the characters.

Cathy’s Key is the sequel to Cathy’s Book, but in some ways I could not tell if it was true. When I first started Cathy’s Key, I flipped back to Cathy’s Book, read the last couple of pages, switched over to Cathy’s Ring, read the first couple of pages, and sighed. It confused me so much jumping from the next. I imagined that I read the series out of order, hoping that the other one would make much sense. Alas, no. It turns out I was reading in the correct order but still felt completely and hopelessly lost.

After plowing my way through the first few chapters I began to get comfortable again and understood the basic information needed. The flashbacks did help though, which would make my complete melt-down before useless.

I had some issues with this book as I did for its predecessor. Together Cathy, Victor, and Emma had no sense of correlation. Victor was once again missing for about 90% of the novel unless you count Cathy saying his name than it’ll be 50%. Honestly though, when Victor does show up he’s fighting some bad guy trying to protect Cathy then tongue wrestling with her. I do not see the appeal that Cathy sees. What makes them together? What drives them closer? Why do they even like each other? What is going on!? Anything? I just need one single scene that screams out to me that they are meant for each other! So yes, we’ll see in the future if I get any answers.

Emma. I happen to like Emma. Smart, level headed and tolerant (the complete opposite to me).

Cathy. Well she is the main character to the series so I guess she does something? That we’ll find out soon enough (I hope, cross your fingers everyone).

The plotline is becoming deeper than I had imagined. Much darker. We have the shadowed alliances, the secret ploys, and the mysterious lies. They is a bit of a scramble to see what the real plotline is but for now I want to see how everything ties in with one another. If the authors manage to do so then it would be astonishing and would make this entire series worth it. But for now I will see what will happen.

Overall: A nice jump in a series. Leaves a lot to be desired in the sequel but nonetheless something intriguing. You just cannot stop reading.

Cover B
This is actually my favorite cover of the series so far.


  1. Just letting you know that you won my contest. :]


  2. This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the great review. I want to see the pretty pictures now!

  3. I really enjoy your blog and wanted to you know that I have an award for you



  4. I really like Emma, too. She's probably my favorite character.

    I agree with you that it would be nice to get a better sense that Cathy and Victor were meant for each other - or even that they were in love. But it's hard to see it when they're never together and hardly communicate...

    I enjoyed your review, so I've linked to it here.