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Friday, May 1, 2009

They Made a Funny!

The April Fools celebration has ended and the winners chosen and emailed! First off here was the method behind it all: Carol and I originally pick the top best answers and forwarded it to the authors/bloggers without the names. They then picked their favorite which was the winner. However due to the time constraint we ask some of the authors to pick their favorite from the entire list given to them via links to their designated contests. And the people have spoken and here are the winners!
Winner for Amanda Ashby's book choice of YOU HAD ME AT HALO or ZOMBIE QUEEN the winner was...

Sarah Ockler said...
Personally I'd go for the left butt cheek (the right ones tend to be too tough) sauteed in a port-intestinal fluid redux and sprinkled with nose hair (quite a delicacy in some parts of the world - if you've never had it, oh, you must! It's to die for!).

You could also get creative with the various appendages sampler platter as a nice appetizer, but really there's enough there to share, so unless you're big on fingers and toes, bring a zombie mate to divvy up the digits.

To complete the meal, go for a palate-cleansing spinal fluid sorbet followed by heel cupcakes smothered in a velvety eye jelly ganache.

Shirt and shoes required; arms and feet optional.

Special notice: we don't serve children here, but if you bring your own, the chef can sautee them for you for an additional gratuity.

Bon appetite!

So frolicking sounds fun? I think so, but I don't think the winner of Kristin Walker's book A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL does...

Trina Sotira said...
True story. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Jamaica where it took me a week to get the nerve to visit a nude beach. (Remember, I was confident, young, and thin.) When we arrived, I was in complete shock seeing a man in his eighties with his frank and beans nestled between his legs--sunning, I presume. Obviously, I the opportunity to view old-man-balls had never occurred before. I witnessed first-hand the effects of gravity as one progresses in years. Needless to say, I am still traumatized. Other people's nude just isn't pretty, folks. Beans belong behind boxers.

Wait! Kristin donated a surprise second copy for the runner up...

Pissenlit said...
It depends. Will there be hungry hungry hippos? If not, then I prefer nude bocce ball.

Guess what else Pissenlit won!? A copy of C.K. Kelly's book I KNOW IT'S OVER

Don't be daft! We do not discuss this in committee! This is not a democracy!

*breaks into song*
For I am a Cereal King!
And it is, it is a glorious thing
To be a Cereal King!
For I am a Cereal King!

cereal cartoon chorus:
You are!
Hurrah for our Cereal King!

The winner of Cindy Pon's book SILVER PHOENIX is...

dissectingperfection said...
My clown name is Talulah Sparklethighs!!!

... wait, no, my bad. That's my stripper name.

My real clown name is Morbid Moosalezzerina. It's okay, most kids have issues pronouncing my last name. It's why I'm so unpopular at the parties.

*walks away morosely*

There were also winners for Cindy's bookmarks and they were...
from my blog:

from Carol's blog:
michelle kuo
book spot

Author of TWENTY BOY SUMMER was humored by...

Diana Dang said...
I'm the Vegetater! Now one must ask, what the heck kind of name is that?? You see, my secret technique is throwing vegetables at my opponent! If they try to attack me, I would shove a bunch of carrots and celery down their throat! ...It's a healthy attack okay!

or maybe it was this one that won her over?:

I fought against the Hypnotizer. It really sucked because all I had with me was cabbage and some tomatoes. Before I could raise up for my veggies to throw at the guy, he hypnotizes me! Like, unfair dude, unfair! Then all he had to do was to tell me to forfeit and I did! I came home crying and indulging myself with cucumbers.

Swags are awesome and the winner of Mandy Hubbard's LIPGLOSS was...

Diana Dang said...
How could you not kill Edward out of all sparkling vampires???

I was charged for doing spitballs at annoying kids and attempted murder. Like honestly, how could you not when they run around, singing perverse songs that they could not even understand?? The fact that they try to make a show of it was hair-wrenching! I was ready to take a bat and clobber them all when they went, "Let's play a love game!". Sadly, a cop saw me when I was lying to them that jumping off the roof would make them superheroes.

Zoom zoom zoom...Sarah Quigley has spoken! The winner of her prize pack is...

Michelle Kuo said...
So far I've only been to 3 galaxies, (with my parents struggling in this tough economy.. The problem is affecting the universe!). Way too poor to go to another one. Anyways, the first one I went to was Ocat Galaxy. Ocat Galaxy was really odd, there were floating tacos everywhere. And the worst part was that none of them even had any brains! The closest thing to brains that they have is ground beef. Which is horrible for my species' digestion. It only leads to heartburn I tell you! But it was alright, because when we went there we were smart enough to bring some Pepto-Bismol. The second one I went to was the Brain Galaxy. Pretty self-explanatory of what was there. Little brains, big brains. Juicy brains, dry brains. Smart brains, stupid brains. Old brains, new brains. (I'm SO becoming the next Dr. Seuss!) That galaxy was complete heaven for me. The last one I went to was the Milky Way Galaxy, where the Earth is. I have to say, humans have THEE most delicious brains I've ever tasted, except for this one brain at Brain Galaxy. I just hate how the second your UFO starts to fly down, the humans start getting all freaked out! It's so annoying. Everyone pulls out their camera and starts taking picture. Seriously, the flash hurts our eyes! I'd appreciate it if everyone would turn their stupid flash off.


H said...
The worst thing I've done during an interrogation involved the soundtrack to Annie, a plate of cookies harder than brick (scientifically tested), and a squirrel. For my own anonymity I can say no more ;)

Sydney Salter was swooned over by...

dissectingperfection said...
Oh, I know this one. I have it all right here in my great-great-grandmother's journal. *Flip, flip, flip* Yep, here it is. It's really quite simple. First, ye must harvest the milk of three Pashmina goats on a midsummer's night, and then mix it with the blood of five virgins. Be sure that they are pure of heart, mind, body and soul. Then boil the mixture, adding to it the eyes of five swans, along with the crown of a peacock's head. Once the mixture has reached a fine consistency, drink it on the night of a full moon with...

Oooookay, you know what? That's enough of that. Why don't we just stick to eating our vegetables and drinking our fluids, and I'll just go burn this thing... or something. Forget I said anything.

Kristi felt the most connection from the winner of THE DIAMONDS who was...

Michelle Kuo said...
One day I was in my bedroom when this maaaaaaaagical birdie pops outta nowhere! It talked too! It said, "You suck." WELL! I was so very flabbergasted by this litto birdie's crude language. But I was tired, and went to bed, forgetting about that bird bully. But then in the morning, when I woke up, I felt cold. REALLY cold. I get up and fall over. I look down, because I know I'm clumsy, but still! AHHH, my clothes are gone, my hair is extremely long, I have this long fin as my feet! AND IT WAS PINK! Ew! Then that magical birdie pops up again. I yell at it and it POOFS me right into the ocean! I start freaking out, because at home, at least my hair would cover my boobs. But in the water, my hair just floats everywhere! GAHH! Bright side was, Nemo looked delicious :) Plus, it was practically an endless supply of shark fin soup.

The winner of Khy's book, a choice of THE GOLDEN GIRLS or THE ONE was...

the epic rat said...
Wow, my first pet that I ate? It seems so long ago, but I have long since gotten over the embarrassment and have relished my breakfast ever since! Forget having sunny-side-up eggs and bacon - why not little baby chicks? I couldn't help it - they were so cute and adorable and I wondered if they were as tasty as eggs since I love eggs!

So I chased after the baby chick one morning when no one else was around. I decided against frying it and swallow it alive! Probably not the bestest of idea - I thought I might puncture my esophagus or it'd get stuck! But surprisingly, it went down fairly easily. A little wiggling, but nothing that made me upchuck.

Since then, I've dined on small, live pets that are swallowable. Delicious! :)

Last but not least, the winner for Kelsey's book, PERFECT CHEMISTRY or BEAUTIFUL AMERICANS was...

booksarelife said...
Well, first off I don't like revealing my secrets. I have them for a reason, and have several mysteries involving my food - but I will let you in on one.

I love serving Anchovies. They are the forgotten fish. They are nice and salty, and with just a little tang.

I dont chop them up, I just toss them in whenever I feel the need. Salads, lasagnia, Burgers, all of these things have had a whole fish in them before.

Caseroles (though I think they are overated) are the best places to put my anchovies...and all of my other secret surprises...but those could put the FDA on my tail...and that would not be a good thing.


  1. Congrats to all the winners!<3

    The entries were all sooooo good! :D

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    Thank you for the great contests Yan and Carol! =)

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    Great contests Yan and Carol!

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