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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Chosen One Part 2

Welcome to part two of THE CHOSEN ONE's tour! This has been a production of Traveling to Teens!

CAROL LYNCH WILLIAMS, a four-time winner of the Utah Original Writing Competition and winner of Nebraska’s Golden Sower Award, grew up in Florida but now lives in Utah with her husband and seven children. She has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, and helped develop the conference on Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers at Brigham Young University.

1. How long did it take you to write this book?

Two years, off and on, once I started writing. That includes the research time.

2. Did you do any research?
I sure did. I researched for the whole time I wrote. I remember once when someone told me, “When you’re pregnant, you notice all the people who are also pregnant.” When I started looking at this topic, everything seemed to rise to the surface for me to grab. Lots of interviews with polygamists on TV, websites helping people get away from the more strict communities, lots of newspaper reports. I found out about friends who had become polygamists, or were no longer polygamists, and I learned of polygamist groups who frowned on the more strict communities. The information just went on and on. I spoke to one woman about why she had decided to marry a man who later married her mother. I found out there are polygamists all over.

3. Because this is such a heavy topic, was this book rejected many times?
The book was given to three houses at once. One said yes, one said no, and one said I have to wait a bit before I can make an offer. We went with the one that said yes, and it was a smart, smart move.

4. Did a mobile library play a big role if your life?
No, but libraries did. I loved (and still love) the local library. When I was a little girl and we would drive past the Sanford (Florida) Library I would always say, “I smell books,” hoping that my mother would stop so I could check out the limit on books.
Question 5 somehow went missing...or something...


  1. Great interview. Books do actually have a unique smell :D

  2. Terrific interview. "I smell books", too.

  3. I really do love the smell of books.I think I can smell them from a mile away especially in my tiny little used bookstore that I go to often

  4. I ate question number 5. *burp

  5. yay! i love libraries too. my library will be undergoing a renovation later this month. so will be experiencing the bookmobile setting.

  6. There used to be this used book store my mom would take me to sometimes that smelled so much like books. One of the best smells. :)