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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yan's Joyous Morning

So today I woke up at 6:30 AM. My curtains apparently hate me since they managed to let the sun's rays in. Read Slept Away by Julie Kraut until like 9:00--on and off while trying to go back to sleep. Gave up (on sleeping, finished the book), and left my bedroom.

So anyway you've probably seen the Old Navy commercial for the $1 flip-flops right? I was like "Oh, I think I'll go". So at 9:45 AM, I left the house arriving at the store around 10-ish. When I got to the store, there was a bunch of people leaving and cussing at Old Navy. My first reaction, "Oh crap, I thought it opened at 10", it opens at 9. So I went inside (I was being stupid). And it was a freaking jungle in there. All you saw was a giant mass of bodies and screams across the store. All the flip-flops were gone, the line all the way around the store (from corner to corner)! Everyone had at least 5 pairs in their hands and looking slightly crazed like I might have snatched it from them if their grip was too loose (which I might have done...coughcough. Hey, you would've done it too :P).

Anyway I left the store dejectedly. Went across the parking lot to Wal-Mart and bought myself a liter of Coca Cola, a family size bag of Lay's Sour Cream and Nacho Cheese chips, and a gallon of milk (that one we ran out of in the house). Walked home (it was only like 3 blocks from my house) carrying my happy food.

Well that was my morning, how was yours? I plan to spend the rest of the day staring at the giant 42 inch screen of bright colors. Which seeing as how I no longer have cable, only serves as an awesome paper weight. But I won't because my parents will probably kill me if I do. That leaves me with sleeping, eating, or reading. I plan to do all 3 at the same time (imagine all the possibilities). Wish me luck everyone~


  1. Crazy! I don't do sales like this, it's like the day after Christmas and Thanksgiving were everyone is raving mad. When I think about sales like this, the first thing that comes to my mind is The Day after Christmas sale where the woman is knocked down and her wigs falls off and she's not worried about getting up the only thing she has on her mind is putting her wig back on (The most hilarious thing I've ever seen). Every year they run this replay!

  2. I love holiday sales for the cheap prices, but I hate the crowds.

    At least you were able to get some happy food!

  3. heheheheh! i read some of twenty boy summmer at like 5am and then woke up for real at 8. Starting attempting to pack, went to run some errands, including some storage boxes for my books. And now I'm here!

  4. LMAO about the crowd @ Old Navy. Don't get myhubby started.lol. He went on the safari to search for my flip flops, but came home grumbling. Ha~ha! He said he was tempted to grab a pair from the dollar store & say they were defective. Nahhh, unless he wants me to bake his birthday cake, he'll just listen to me witch.

    Enjoy your goodies, sleep & books!

    What's next on your reading list?

  5. Book Resort: What isn't next!? It's a pile of doom I say!


    go to my review section, that is what I have to read ahhhhhhhhhh *pulls hair out*


    Hi Yan, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a few blog awards! Details on my page. :) Maybe that will make your morning better?

  7. Wow! Great flip-flop story from the front lines.