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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Am...Team Unicorn!

Somehow I was dragged into this mess by Sharon. She told me to write a post about Zombies vs. Unicorns for April which became this conversation:
sharon: need a post from you for zomb vs uni week.
yan: i like unicorns. they go behhhh. and stab people
sharon: O_o
yan: what
sharon: so you suck
yan: nuh-uh you suck
sharon: write about zombies anyway
yan: no
sharon: sucky
yan: you can't pet zombies. they bite your fingers off
sharon: zombie cats
yan: they eat your eyeballs
sharon: but they are cute. and go meowww nomnom
yan: that's your face they're going nomnom on
sharon: unicorns will kill you
yan: at least you'll be stabbed by pretty pink sparkly unicorns
sharon: uh not they are ugly some of them like giant monsters
yan: which you can ride and terrorize the town's people with.
Thus concludes why unicorns rock and why you can never have a pet zombie kitten!


  1. I Love Unicorns. My are magical and beautiful creatures.

    Kittens are zombies from birth. They love to scratch you and bite you and attack when least expected. Run up your curtains, jump on you, especially on your back where you can't reach them to get them off. lol.. know from first hand experience. Still love them.

  2. *sigh* Another for the opposing team. I guess this means war! Zombies are totally better. I like your reason though. "Go behhhh and stab people." LOL!

  3. I love this post. Team Unicorns are win!