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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pucker Up

Pucker Up by Rhonda Stapleton

Source: Simon Pulse

Grade: 4 stars out of 5

Pucker Up is the final installment to the Stupid Cupid trilogy by Rhonda Stapleton and what a pleasant ending at that. I just have a confession to make: I thought Pucker Up was the second installment, not the third thus I read it before Flirting with Disaster. Despite that I had no trouble keeping up with the plot and will definitely go back to read Flirting with Disaster. I just do not recommend skipping Stupid Cupid, the first book in the trilogy.

NOTE: Synopsis of Pucker Up has spoilers.
Felicity finally landed her dream guy Derek in Pucker Up; superpopular, hot, and extremely talented Derek who is not stuck up at all. But during one meeting, Felicity notices that her name and Derek’s name are on her boss’s spreadsheet next to each other. It can only mean one thing: her head honcho of Cupid’s Hollow matched them up. Does that mean that Derek doesn’t truly love her? Is her whole relationship a sham? Felicity starts to spiral out of control and her matchmaking ability goes down with it.
Thankfully there are distractions to keep Felicity from having a total meltdown: Maya’s parents are going through a tough ride; Andy’s having car troubles; and prom.
Pucker Up has the same elements as did Stupid Cupid: fun, flirtatious, and funny. There is something wholesome and enjoyable about this series that makes it such a guilty read, but it has enough drama and sass like divorce and cheaters that prevents it from becoming a cavity-inducing book. If you read The Naughty List by Suzanne Young you might understand the cute aspects of the book. Now just replace strawberry smooth with words like “ballsy” and you have Pucker Up.

Pucker Up and the series in general is very modern in terms of diction and references (PDAs anyone?) that may not far well with the test of time. It does, however, have elements that are classics like concerns if your love interest really does care about you and toughening out through a divorce.

The ending was expected yet unexpected at the same time. I will not give it away, but I will mention that it was fitting. It was just a bit too quick and was settled too easily for me though.

Stupid Cupid was hilarious—laugh out loud funny—but Pucker Up was more tender. Rhonda Stapleton has a very stable writing and consistently delivers each time. Her characters are all likeable including the ‘villains’ and her humor is agreeable to almost every reader.

Cover B-/C+

Series in Order:
Stupid Cupid
Flirting with Disaster
Pucker Up

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