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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winners and Quick Help!

Anyway onto happier news. The contest for Shade and Deception finally closed and I drew the winners.

The 5 winners of Shade (from US entries):
Anna (annasbookblog) -claimed-
Marianna (patronus) -claimed-
Andrea I (ainfinger) never responded. Julie is chosen as new winner
Amanda B (crazypplrok) [they so do rock!] -claimed-
Meredith Miller (meredithfl) -claimed-

The winner of Shade (from international entries):
Mariska (uniquas) -claimed-
(I will be shipping this copy of Shade to Indonesia, woot!)

The winner for Deception:
Mable -claimed-

If one of those emails is yours send me an email with your full name and mailing address! I will wait 36 hours before spamming you and then you have a limit of less than 24 to respond back before I give up your prize to someone else. Sound fair?

Order Deception (Haunting Emma) or Shade (less than $10) from Amazon.

I typically use Iron Chrome (an Internet browser that not many have heard of, but my brother swears it load pages super fast. I just use it so he can shut up) but for no real reason I decided to load my blog on Firefox. What. The. @#$%. On Firefox my blog looks very different; you can see more of my background image (which I changed slightly) and everything shrank. On Iron the posts' font is legible, on Firefox it is squint-worthy.

I increased the font size by 10% and my sidebar font by 10% as well. Did it make a difference? Was it a helpful difference!? Maybe my Iron browser was fine and that Firefox was acting crazy? So can you let me know if the size of the font is too small or too large or if it is fine right now?

Then I noticed another difference.... I think my blog lags. Maybe it was just Firefox lagging. Opinions? *sigh*


  1. It looks fine using Google Chrome. I like your background.

  2. everything is looking good in Firefox for me :)

  3. Congrats winners!

    Love the background! I loaded up your blog in Google Chrome and in Firefox and they both look fine (and the same :)

    I have found that behind the scenes Google Chrome works better for me when working on my blog. I chalk it up to the fact that blogger is a Google product and therefore should run better with another Google product.

    Never heard of Iron Chrome though...

  4. Thanks for all the feedback!!

    @Emily--Iron is just weird lol

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    And I've always used Firefox and have never had a problem viewing your blog. Everything looks fine and the font was always legible.

  6. I've always used Firefox and never had issues viewing your blog. I am on a Mac though so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

  7. Woohoooo ! Thank you Yan ! i'm gonna send you the email now :)

  8. I too use Google Chrome and I don't see any issues with your blog. ;)

  9. Thanks again Yan! I sent you an email.